Saturday, January 15, 2022

I sit outside

The wind chills me

Clouds slowly fly by

Peeking at me between swaying trees

I notice some little white and pink flowers

Their beauty smiles 

A dog barks in the distance

Perhaps chasing an escaping squirrel

A boy on a mini bike rushes down the road

The dog barks louder

The world is in motion

It lives, it gives

I sit outside

Quietly being, witnessing

While my silence screams


Sherry at asks us to focus on gratitude in spite of the difficulties this world is enduring. I do think it is always the perfect time to appreciate life and beauty.

(I'm responding to last week's prompt very late. Been having all sorts of technical difficulties.) 

Tuesday, November 23, 2021



I look forward to sunsets

The way lovers anticipate surrender

To explosive climactic splendor

Before colors dissolve into monochrome

Though never totally devoid of light

The night seems full of finality 

A little like death 

But with potential for revival

When its darkness like a womb

Births millions of possibilities 

Then the world, so ill, endures

Thankful for its remaining health

In its beauty that still blooms

While I cherish, relish

Its resiliency 

Brandon, at Earthweal, challenges us, as we approach Thanksgiving Day here in the US, to write about our gratitude for our world.

Sunday, October 31, 2021



There’s a little lantern within us

It’s flames light our path

But remember it’s wick requires fuel


Internal light is not hidden

It radiates through our thoughts, our words

Enlightening others or burning them


Unintentional flashes of ourselves often seep out

Unfiltered by those shades that attempt to dim

To camouflage the real we are


That little lantern inside

Has potential to be a blinding light

But also to generate radiant heat

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day.  May your light shine bright.

For The Sunday Muse where we are asked to use the photo as a prompt.

Monday, October 25, 2021

The ghosts of innocence


The dead are with us

Hovering through our spaces 

Or dangling from clouds

Waiting to creep into our minds

Where they can invade our souls

Spirits have potential purpose

Power to infuse their essence into ours

Transforming us by blessing us

Or haunting us in darkness

They can exist in throngs like angels

Or thrive eternally in demonic fire

Perhaps this is fable

But I know the living mingle

Choices for good and evil 

Here on earth

Haunted by the ghastly ghosts 

Of our collective innocence ‘

I am submitting to Earthweal where Sara asks to write about Samhein.

She writes: “ Of all the cross-quarter festivals, Samhain is the only one that seems to have retained a hold on the popular imagination. The ancient festival was co-opted by the Church into All Hallows’ Eve, and then transformed and transmuted into the festival of pumpkins and witches and monsters we know today. It’s more enthusiastically celebrated than Easter, I think, and is second only to Christmas as a popular festival.”

Saturday, October 9, 2021



Oil spills, fires, war, humans
So many threats to this earth
But she persists, insists -
She wants life, beauty
To never die
She teaches infants (us) endless lessons
Repeat, repeat, repeat
But (r)evolution is slow
Will it take supereons
For humanity to reach adulthood?
How many planets
Can babies break?

This earth is constantly on my mind especially as I watch my grandkids grow. I worry about the world I leave them. Still, I try to keep hope in my heart and trust earth’s wisdom.

Submitted to

Wednesday, October 6, 2021




I’ve been missing

Seeing you each morning

My monumental, majestic mountains

 Beholding your beauty 

Kept me grounded, aware

How huge yet small we both are

Within the magnitude of being

You are immovable 

Not I 

Though you reside in my heart

I left you

But love unlimited expands to varied soils

My mornings are now green 

Green the grass

Green the trees

Green the bushes

 Green the leaves

Green my heart

As my love turns green

(Recently moved from New Mexico to Florida.)

Written for where Sherry asks us to write about collateral beauty.

Monday, September 27, 2021


I am an old house

Inhabited by ghosts of spring

While autumn leaves surround me

My structure is weakening

I wonder how long it will stand

Against those inevitable winds

Though my essence is intangible 

I fear this too will gradually fade

Time is memory’s eraser 

Though sagging I still encompass my being

Like every house I am uniquely distinguished 

By what I hold within

Though falling I am still a building


(Can you guess I just had a birthday?)

Written for The Sunday Muse where we are asked to write a poem with the photo as a prompt.