Saturday, October 9, 2021



Oil spills, fires, war, humans
So many threats to this earth
But she persists, insists -
She wants life, beauty
To never die
She teaches infants (us) endless lessons
Repeat, repeat, repeat
But (r)evolution is slow
Will it take supereons
For humanity to reach adulthood?
How many planets
Can babies break?

This earth is constantly on my mind especially as I watch my grandkids grow. I worry about the world I leave them. Still, I try to keep hope in my heart and trust earth’s wisdom.

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  1. Will humans ever realize this message? Well written Myrna

  2. I love this poem, Myrna, and share every sentiment. Our grandkids will have even more challenges than we do. It is taking us far too long to grow wise, and our leaders are not even beginning to do what is needed. So happy you linked at earthweal!

  3. I hope (fervently) that we reach adulthood BEFORE we break this planet. But worry.
    Beautifully written, and how I wish it wasn't true.

  4. A good question, powerfully framed. Let's hope we don't break the earth completely before we have time to grow!

  5. How many planets indeed. Life may be learning that advancing sentience is a bane to the biosphere. We learned our mastery so fast, can we unlearn it just as quickly?

  6. How many planets, how many lives... This left a huge lump in my throat. The title describes it well.

  7. The oil spill breaks my heart, just another terrible happening.sigh.

  8. I've always loved your poetry, Myrna, no matter what the sentiment. I, too, worry about our country and our world. I don't watch the news much at all. PLease just say yes or no in letting me know the answer to this: Is your email address the same one I've had for years?

  9. Hi Myrna! Long time no see. Today I was surfing thru my old blog who despite been neglected and hidden from my sight, is still around. Reading my old posts and the nice comments took me back here, and I am so happy to see you are still writing! You never stopped! It is inspiring and hope I can take back this beautiful habit of writing and re-connecting with kindred spirits like you.

  10. The earth is wiser and older than us and trying to overtake it only destroys us because nature restores itself from the fall or takes reforms, but the bloody human never relives.