Monday, October 25, 2021

The ghosts of innocence


The dead are with us

Hovering through our spaces 

Or dangling from clouds

Waiting to creep into our minds

Where they can invade our souls

Spirits have potential purpose

Power to infuse their essence into ours

Transforming us by blessing us

Or haunting us in darkness

They can exist in throngs like angels

Or thrive eternally in demonic fire

Perhaps this is fable

But I know the living mingle

Choices for good and evil 

Here on earth

Haunted by the ghastly ghosts 

Of our collective innocence ‘

I am submitting to Earthweal where Sara asks to write about Samhein.

She writes: “ Of all the cross-quarter festivals, Samhain is the only one that seems to have retained a hold on the popular imagination. The ancient festival was co-opted by the Church into All Hallows’ Eve, and then transformed and transmuted into the festival of pumpkins and witches and monsters we know today. It’s more enthusiastically celebrated than Easter, I think, and is second only to Christmas as a popular festival.”


  1. The dead are always with us - whether we acknowledge them or not. Another wonderful piece from you. Thank you.

  2. ghastly ghosts

    Of our collective innocence ‘

    Yes, there are too many of those ghosts. We need to set them free.

  3. The dead are close here! That presence this time of year is so comforting, and you sing to it so well.

  4. I loved the lines Sarah quoted. Wonderfully written, Myrna, and so good to see you writing again.

  5. They’re nearby. Listening and acting on our behalf— I believe this too. And their presence strongest at this time of the year. Thanks for the lovely poem. Enjoyed. Happy Samhain.

  6. This gets to the essence of the question--what is death? I too, believe that life and death are not separate entities we pretend them to be.

  7. They are with us occupying our dreams.

  8. Nicely decribed: the way we are haunted by spirits, whether of the mind or of another place, it hardly matters!

  9. A thinning veil opens for your words to become. Nicely done.