Wednesday, October 6, 2021




I’ve been missing

Seeing you each morning

My monumental, majestic mountains

 Beholding your beauty 

Kept me grounded, aware

How huge yet small we both are

Within the magnitude of being

You are immovable 

Not I 

Though you reside in my heart

I left you

But love unlimited expands to varied soils

My mornings are now green 

Green the grass

Green the trees

Green the bushes

 Green the leaves

Green my heart

As my love turns green

(Recently moved from New Mexico to Florida.)

Written for where Sherry asks us to write about collateral beauty.


  1. Truly beautiful - and I am glad that you have those majestic mountains in your heart and memory.

  2. I know how you miss your mountains, Myrna. But am glad that the green growing things in your new place are evergreening your heart. I am not sure, as I am having computer woes myself, if your link at earthweal leads back to this poem. If it doesnt, would you try linking again please?

  3. I remember you writing about your mountains a lot I am sure you miss them but Florida sounds pretty good....rainfall and green sounds pretty good too:)

  4. I love the way you've split this poem; it really allows each segment the autonomy to shine. I can't imagine leaving New Mexico--it's the dream of my life to move there, but sadly, I've been unable to so far. But there is much to be said for loving where you are, wherever it may be.

  5. Carry those mountains with you always. Embrace the green. Here the green is fading into autumn’s hue. A lovely poem of beauty.

  6. Every landscape has its own beauty.

  7. It is a blessing to be able to experience different places - but the mountains are special (I live in the Blue Ridge Mtns right now)

  8. In Florida we make clouds our mountains; a summer storm can build like Pyranees. Years ago I visited Utah and Idaho with my first wife, who grew up there. To watch the mountain faces change as the day rolled on was a majesty. Thanks for sharing that sight here and welcome to flat but glittery Florida.

  9. So cool. Now that you have tucked those majestic mountains in your heart you can carry them everywhere you go. How adorable. Those mountains are alive in you forever. Thanks for sharing. Sweet indeed.

  10. I know how it feels to miss a place so badly, even though you love the place you live. I come from mountain country, and have always loved mountain scenery, though I wouldn't want to live far away from the sea now!