Monday, September 27, 2021


I am an old house

Inhabited by ghosts of spring

While autumn leaves surround me

My structure is weakening

I wonder how long it will stand

Against those inevitable winds

Though my essence is intangible 

I fear this too will gradually fade

Time is memory’s eraser 

Though sagging I still encompass my being

Like every house I am uniquely distinguished 

By what I hold within

Though falling I am still a building


(Can you guess I just had a birthday?)

Written for The Sunday Muse where we are asked to write a poem with the photo as a prompt.


  1. I resonate with every line - the house and my own sagging super-structure making the same journey. LOL. I hope your birthday was wonderful, Myrna. May there be many more.

  2. Wonderfully expressed in the voice of the house

  3. Happy belated birthday.
    And yet again your poem sings to me...

  4. You have elevated growing older ~~ somehow it doesn’t sound as foreboding in poetry form. We share recent birthdays ~~ hope yours was lovely.

  5. Thanks, Myrna, this is wonderful. I have been in the ranks for some time now, experiencing every one of your tributes. My paint is pealing and the upper roof covering is thin and bleached.
    We are similar in marriage, Mrs. Jim and I will celebrate our 49th next February. We were to renew our wedding vows but our cruise through the Suez Canal got canceled. For this one, we did not marry young.
    I had trouble getting here by the link for the house, I went to your last week's post. I see Sherry and Helen have been ahead, they found you some way. You might want to check on it for yourself, I tried it twice.

  6. I love the metaphor here Myrna. This is a lovely response to the image indeed. I am sorry I took so long to get here. There was a problem with the link, and I have been a bit distracted of late with a death in the family. I do have the link fixed now though. Have a good week my friend, and thank you for participating at the Muse. It is always wonderful to see you there!

  7. Holding Spring inside. Nice. Belated Birthday greetings Myrna. Thanjs for dropping by my blog.


  8. Myrna I really like how you ended this one, still becoming.

  9. Ah yes, we oldsters might be compared to old houses....we've so much stored in our attic. I loved your approach to the challenge.