Saturday, January 15, 2022

I sit outside

The wind chills me

Clouds slowly fly by

Peeking at me between swaying trees

I notice some little white and pink flowers

Their beauty smiles 

A dog barks in the distance

Perhaps chasing an escaping squirrel

A boy on a mini bike rushes down the road

The dog barks louder

The world is in motion

It lives, it gives

I sit outside

Quietly being, witnessing

While my silence screams


Sherry at asks us to focus on gratitude in spite of the difficulties this world is enduring. I do think it is always the perfect time to appreciate life and beauty.

(I'm responding to last week's prompt very late. Been having all sorts of technical difficulties.) 


  1. Nice to see your beautiful words Myrna...happy new year!

  2. Gratitude is a gift which keeps giving. And giving. Thanks for this beautiful reminder.

  3. Myrna, I am so happy you wrote about gratitude. Thank you. When I clicked your link it somehow took you to my site? Not sure why......check it out and will see from my poem this has been a bit of a worrisome day in my part of the world, but thankfully all is well. So many climate crises in BC of late. It is exhausting.