Tuesday, November 23, 2021



I look forward to sunsets

The way lovers anticipate surrender

To explosive climactic splendor

Before colors dissolve into monochrome

Though never totally devoid of light

The night seems full of finality 

A little like death 

But with potential for revival

When its darkness like a womb

Births millions of possibilities 

Then the world, so ill, endures

Thankful for its remaining health

In its beauty that still blooms

While I cherish, relish

Its resiliency 

Brandon, at Earthweal, challenges us, as we approach Thanksgiving Day here in the US, to write about our gratitude for our world.


  1. So beautful, Myrna. I am like you about the sunset. But I rarely get to one as I cant drive after dark, plus am always so tired at the end of the day. I do miss them. They are so spectacular.

  2. How I love your song of gratitude. Thank you.

  3. Cherishing resilience - that sounds like a mantra for our age and a great thing to praise. Suzanne (wordpress blog) Mapping Uncertainty

  4. I look forward to sunsets

    The way lovers anticipate surrender... beautifully put. The sky is such a great healer.

  5. We must thank heavens for the earth's resiliency and not take it for granted! I too cherish sunsets: one of the good things about Autumn is that they are never far away!

  6. Radiant, glorious, what a paean! And with an added grace note of resilience.

  7. The darkness illuminating the light--exactly.

  8. The night seems full of finality, a little like death.
    I love that line, and for me, anyway, it is true. I generally don't find myself contemplating my mortality during the day.

  9. Myrna, as always your words are so beautiful. I'm sorry I haven't emailed you yet. I just can't seem to get myself to do much lately. You can certainly email me first, if you feel like it! Sending love and hugs.