Friday, July 3, 2020


I've been living in storm clouds
They gulped me in one swallow
Then let me hover over life immobile
As destructive floods inundated
Earth the way malignant thoughts
Flashed through my mind obscuring the sun
There's a lot to see in darkness
Fear wallows in shadows
I tried to close my eyes but couldn't
Captive I was forced
(Or chose) to witness
The world drowning
I tried to swim inside these dark clouds
Searching for glimpses of light
Then the clouds rained me
Gently on firm ground
Before lifting their grey veil
Revealing the laughing sun
Now I'm grateful for beholding the darkness
How else would I know it's real?
Do something about it?
Rather than become the fog that surrounds it


Saturday, June 27, 2020


The creature laughs
In a good way
She'd never ridicule my condition
Even if I were the one in a cage
She'd know
How cruel it would be
To put me on display
As if for merely being human
I deserved to live in constant dismay
The creature laughs
With a compassion I don't understand
Can her laughter my consciousness expand?
To help me see
That we are creatures both
With many siblings
In different forms
Of varying stages
Writing herstory's pages
To hopefully...
All creatures'

For Earthwheel.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Sherry at Earthweel has asked us to write a song for the earth.  I didn't write a song and I hope that's ok.  But I am so grateful for this prompt because it  provided a respite from grieving about what is happening on earth now.  Writing helped me perceive a glimpse of my trust that all will be well with the earth.  Perhaps that's all that matters.


Someone I knew and loved used to say
"If you can't sing well, at least sing loud."
Good advice as long as I don't sing alone
Unity of voices seems to break through sound barriers
Enough to conceal the notes of those who cannot carry one
Like me
But I do sing a love song to Mother Earth
Because I know a good mother accepts 
Whatever a child can give
Because giving is really a gift for the giver
For the receiver it can be as slight as a breath
There is an art to 'give and take'

Though intention should suffice
I let others, naturally gifted, sing my love 
In a beauty only they can create
While I in giving, only take
From the sweet tweet of rambunctious birds
From the scent of shocking red roses 
The whimper of my dogs in slumber
The noise within the silence of my desire
To offer music to a Mother who knows
About pain but has heard An Ode To Joy
Through  my love song which is so loud
Though sung through proxy
By a symphony comprised of 
A beautiful motley crowd 

Friday, June 12, 2020

If earth ceases to circle the sun
Will the world be reborn
Into an unknown dimension
Of thought, intellect, imagination
Could there be a bigger bang in the cosmos
Creating a world of sanity
Where no thing has value
Except all that is true
Like a tree that gives you breath
Like water that equals life
Will the world be peacefully still
With no need for revolution
Once all of evolution exists
Will humans know movement
Within the modern dance
Of being exquisitely unique
While one with all -
A cluster of stars
Will all animals - wild or tame
Fulfill their contract with nature
To help the earth radiate its beauty
Melding with the darkness of space
Creating excitement through harmony
Innocently flowing through time
While time tries to forget
About today
June, 2020

Monday, June 1, 2020

I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain.

- James Baldwin -

The American riots of 2020
There will be more
Because like a slow suicidal addiction
Hate can be disguised.
Like the quiet seething
Of a dormant volcano
Full of words with good intentions
Sincere or hypocritical
No matter
We all know what paves the road to hell.
Repeatedly trampled by history's pattern
Of unlearning lessons taught
By victims of subjugation yearning
Still burning
Because there's been no dousing
To extinguish oppression's flames

The violence of 2020
There will be more
Unless hatred meets its contradiction
In the blistering heat of rage
Instigated by platitudes legislated by those
Who don't understand what it means to be a slave
In the shackles of injustice hurting
Not just the black or poor but all
Who fail to realize we are doomed unless
We stop
To heal the hate that keeps us stuck
In the venom of division
Keeping us from recognition
That we are all in pain
Until we do
The riots in our souls
Will choke us
Till we're gasping
Justice please
"I can't breathe"

Saturday, May 30, 2020


Time is not linear, they say.
But can it go backwards?
Or zig zag, swirl, or whirl
In circles like a clock
With no hands able to point
At infinity's contrived plot
Because we only have now
To question?
Where have all good fortune tellers gone?
It would help so much to know
How the future may flow.
Where are the good clairvoyants
With high skills of divination
To foretell if we're devolving towards damnation
Or will we endlessly postpone our termination
While repeating the same stories
That have always plagued this earth?
Will goodness enjoy rebirth?
Who can tell us what's to come
If? / When? all the maladies are gone.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Sherry at Earthwheel challenges us to write a protest poem.  I couldn't come up with a good protest, but my thoughts are constantly protesting the insanity that plagues us, not to mention - the virus. So, though not exactly a poem that fits any form, I just wrote some of my thoughts.


I'm against so many things nowadays.
Sometimes it's hard to remember
What I'm for.

It is odd during a plague
How some believe death only applies
To others.

Some believe a virus is not contagious.
The ostrich assumes if you can't see it,
It can't see you.

Each morning I attempt to connect
With the part of nature that is beauty.
Being, growing without a cause.

Are polarities essential?
Yin Yang, complementing opposites.
But I must pick a side.

Mother Nature must be a good role model.
She exudes beauty, peace, life.
But also has volcanoes that erupt in flames.

My anger flares. I protest against
Ignorance, selfishness, cruelty, injustice!
I've been all of these things.

The world is in chaos. I protest!!!
Will humanity ever grow up?
Will my children?

I once read a book about evil.
The author believed in its existence.
Now I do too.

I've read many books about goodness.
It exists. It is precious. It is free.
We must let it live.

I'd like to make a banner of success:
"Love has won!!!"
I love to dream.

(Written for Earthwheel.)