Sunday, February 10, 2019

Sunday Morning

In my room, 
messy like the world,
My dogs sleep peacefully.
Their snores are music from their dreams.
I join my mountains in their devotions
To the sky, insects, coyotes, dear, all animals,
all people trampling on trails.

Awed, I stare at this rocky mass 
Jutting into air, so serene
It slows the rhythm of my worries.
But I cannot be still for long.
Blood rushes through soft flesh,
Limbs swerve, shift, shake.

My mountains shine green with tint of envy,
But speak what any good friend would,
"You can move, I cannot.
Become your own prayer."
Then, through the window in my messy room,
My mountains watch 
As I dance.


  1. Myrna, I LOVE this! Joining the mountains in their devotions to the creatures, and then becoming your own prayer....the mountains watching as you dance. My new favourite of yours. WOW! I wish I had written it!

  2. Just beautiful. Powerful and affirming. Thank you.

  3. "The hills are alive with the sound of music"

  4. I like the idea of the mountains watching as you dance. And I am sure that the dogs don't mind a messy room at all. It is you that they love! I find myself thinking I wish I could see your view!

  5. I grew up surrounded by mountains and live surrounded by them again now (though in a different place). They are such wonderful beings and great companions! As, I'm sure, are the dogs. I love that, becoming your own prayer, you dance.

  6. so serene
    It slows the rhythm of my worries.... I just love that and will ponder over those lines today. Thank you.

  7. You have captured an interconnectedness here, that is joyful and really impactful!

  8. If only we would all pray for the forests, the mountains as well as the rivers and seas and icecaps too. I am sure the wild animals are doing so too as so many of us are blind to the damage we are doing to the planet. What a most relevant poem this is Myrna.

  9. the poem itself is full of movement - the contrast with the mountain is splendid and I especially liked:
    "It slows the rhythm of my worries.

  10. Oh Myrna I can't even begin to describe just how affirming and beautiful this poem is!!❤️ Love it!!

  11. I love the joy you expressed in this piece. Sounds like the perfect Sunday morning.

  12. Moving for the mountains, I love that. I also like snoring as music, a trombone?

  13. What a wonderful thing to dance like this... so much joy in this.

  14. I could marry this poem and live happily ever after. What a delight to read. The first three lines made me squeal, and as the reading when on I just kept on grinning. I love what it says about balance, about valuing what we have, and sharing our joy with anyone who might want to take a look.