Wednesday, February 13, 2019



"I love you more than coffee, even more than chocolate"
That's what I tell him when I want to see him smile
It's easy most times
But sometimes not 
That's truth
Love is a challenge
Affection is but a symbol, a preparation
For the tests love will bring
From spouse, family, friends, dogs, cats, even all nature
Love is not a 50/50, give/take
It's a 100/100, give/give
I'm really trying to learn this
I'm a fair student I think
I'm even learning to love my neighbor
But my enemy?


  1. Interesting percentages spliced in here. I remember from by time as a member of our church choir, singing at weddings and hearing priests ask the question "if a 50/50 affair, you are you giving the other 50 percent to?

    An enjoyable read Myrna, thanks for dropping by my blog today

    much ✿▄ôlove

  2. I think the true test of this for me would be trump. Not possible. He is doing terrible damage to the planet I love. I so agree, love is 100/100, not 50/50. Hard to find two people both doing that, most times.

  3. I agree, giving and giving back. Nicely done.

  4. Do we know anyone who has no difficulty with "love thy enemy'? Especially when this is so true with those NOT enemies:
    "Love is a challenge
    Affection is but a symbol, a preparation
    For the tests love will bring"
    Maybe because it is hard, it is worth the struggle.

  5. It's a 100/100, give/give ... oh if only we could do that well.. so, absolutely true!

  6. Truth.
    Some days I find it difficult to like the people I love, let alone love the people whose actions I loathe.

  7. "It's a 100/100, give/give"...It is, it is. I think when we reach that percentage we are able to love our enemies too :)

  8. I second Sumana...but it is so difficult...sigh!

  9. Yes indeed a wise poem Yes it seems like a 10% give give

  10. I know what you mean: It's easy to love the lovable, but the unlovable? The enemy?