Wednesday, November 11, 2015


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With the Rio Grande Dry, El Paso Turns to Alternatives | The Texas ...

A Long Drought on a Long River

"Drought around the nearly 2,000 mile long Rio Grande has dried reservoirs and forced the region to find new water sources."
"But you can also see
glimmers of hope. Albuquerque, the biggest New Mexico city along the Rio Grande, has cut its water consumption by a quarter in 20 years even as its population has grown by a third. Irrigation districts and farmers — which consume perhaps seven of every 10 gallons of river water — are turning to technology and ingenuity to make use of every drop of water given them."
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What is it like to cry dry tears?
You're not numb, or stagnant, you feel
maternal pain of resignation
as children make mistakes 
that almost kill you.
But you live
trusting, hoping 
that children gradually do mature.

Your thirst must hurt, 
as you yearn for what you know can be
the way it was when you were younger,
nourishing with abundance flowing free.
Today you have so little to give.
We children have exhausted you.

But I hope you see
that some of us are growing up,
learning how to love, to care
by finding ways to reciprocate,
invigorate, resuscitate your grandeur.
What is it like to watch us, Mother?


  1. Your words definitely resonate with me, my friend. It should give the entire continent pause when a river this huge dries to a trickle. I am glad steps have been taken to reduce consumption. Since 20 years ago, which means there are some very advanced thinkers in your parts. I love the metaphor of the river as exhausted, depleted mother, a state I absolutely relate to. LOL. I love this poem!!!!

  2. It''s painful to see the once mighty and blue rivers dwindling to a murky brown trickle ... No wonder, a series of reports from intelligence agencies and research groups indicate the prospect of a water war in 2030!
    Passionate and powerful poem, Myrna.

  3. So sad when a river dries and yes your thirst must hurt as you need that drink..perhaps, the heavens can offer relief in tears of rain.

  4. Mankind are great destroyers of the gifts given them. Such life giving resource as water should be controlled to sustainable levels but we don't like being told what to do. How important it is to keep passing the message on Myrna.

  5. Powerful questions and amazing to imagine the dried river as a mother with an empty nest--worse--with horrible children. Chilling. I hope she sees hope too. I love that you wrote to a specific river!

  6. Myrna, this makes me so sad. I hope that the Rio Grande will rise again. Picturing it as only a shadow of its former self truly pains me. We have taken too much from it. She has given so much, but received little. So sad.

  7. And lets prepare for the horror of water wars... once we've bled the rivers dry..glad there's conservation in some parts, but is it already too late for the world?

  8. Heartbreaking. Too many rivers and countries cry those painful dry tears.

  9. While man is most unfair to the waterway, it continues relentless.Hopefully man will come to their senses in give all the support. Great reminder Myrna!


  10. The picture above looks like Mars landscape and that is what we're turning our Earth sad indeed...hope good sense prevails and the long river revives...the mother image is deeply touching...thank God at last I'm able to comment...

  11. I suppose any good mother stands back and allows her children to make mistakes..and hopefully recognise them and eventually rectify them - a thoughtful and touching poem

  12. I love that question! Love the poem too!

  13. Sad when the children mistreat the mother! And sad to see, pictured, the remnants of this once mighty stream.

  14. This is a very bad omen for the future. In the future wars will be over resources like water and food. Great poem.

  15. She has given so sad.

  16. A wonderful poem, Myrna. It reminds me of our trip many years ago along the route your describe, Albuquerque, Rio Grande... Your words made me think of the deserts of Mars and dry river beds there. Where our planet may well end up if we do not take of it.