Sunday, November 8, 2015


My mornings are so different now
from times when the alarm announced
another crazy day.  Each minute 
already filled with appointments,
obligations, confirmations
validating my living.

Today, I awoke to the hungry but loving stare
of my two dogs, the smell of strong coffee,
a glance at my monumental mountains,
uniquely caressed by sun's colorful rays.
I had no agenda except to love 
my slow, quiet morning.

I thought about my life
with no need for validation.
What I feel is inspiration to live my afternoon
marking a blank page of eternity
with the bleeding colors of my ink
creating actions, words, sketches 
as temporary ornaments of infinity.

What luxurious mornings I live
now that time, space, circumstance 
allow such contemplation.

(For Poets United.)


  1. What a change.. still living with those schedules, only sunday's allow for those mornings, (and no real space for dogs)... Love how you describe the mornings though.

  2. I love how you reflect upon your mornings in this poem.. seems to be a wonderful change from all the chaos and hustle bustle from earlier on in time.

    Lots of love,

  3. Myrna, there would be no more wonderful way to spend an afternoon than to spend them making sketches with ink or with words! (Oh, I love the photos of you with dogs!)

  4. I enjoy the weekends as the work week is just too hectic. I guess I am still validating..I slept in yesterday and today it was wonderful. Enjoy your afternoons of inspiration. Have a wonderful week Myrna.

  5. It is such a change to go from external to internal validation. You have captured it beautifully and tranquilly. I felt my pulse slow, just reading it

  6. What a beautiful poem! Very insightful thoughts such as busyness validating your former life in the city.
    I am pleased that you live in such a beautiful tranquil environment now.
    "What I feel is inspiration to live my afternoon"...this line made me smile!

  7. Myrna, I so hear you. I, too, LOVE the slow pace of my mornings, after all the years of working so hard at sch a fast pace. I love your sketch of your two dear dogs. Must be wonderful to look out and have the mountains so near. Once, I lived near the foothills, and it was nice.

  8. I so hear you. Mornings are gentle, and restorative.
    And, if you can indeed spend your afternoons in creation you have enriched the world.

  9. Sounds blissful...

  10. Sometimes luxurious mornings can feel a little strange - until we learn how to make the most of them which seems to be the case here...a wonderful, contemplative poem

  11. This is such a grace to be grateful for opportunities in new situation with no familiar responsibilities and validations....besides we have now time to zoom out all our creative juices, and by doing this we make us and others happier! is it not the goal of anyone's existence....Congratulations!

  12. A lovely share ... beautifully rendered. Yes, it is wonderful when life slows down a bit and we can "indulge" ourselves in the simply pleasure of embracing a new day.

  13. Thank you for writing this! It expresses almost exactly what my mornings are like these days, too, even to the coffee and the mountains. (Only my two pets - cats - are no longer with me on this plane.) Your poem reminds me to enjoy my life to the full and make the most of this pleasant phase. An excellent reminder at any time; all the more so in that today – when I finally get to reading this – is my 76th birthday! :)

  14. I loved this poem with its imagery so clearly defined and easy to relate to - there is a luxurious joy in having your time back