Wednesday, October 14, 2015



I remember times when we sat around 
the fire of our anger
espousing fumes of rebellion.
The mood so high, singing scorching songs,
outcries of liberation, validation,
our cumbaya moments of passionate causes
when the eve of destruction gave rise
to our individuation from the System,
the Man, or anyone over 30
because we were children
of flowers.

Today, we don't sit around so much anymore
fanning a wild fire demanding reform.
Life has changed us, 
the way all good teachers do.

But our youthful fire has not been extinguished.
It rages differently,
hotter than before
when we knew less about real love,
true freedom, the value of our world.
We, blooming flowers,
will  continue to fuel that flame,
until it burns us all.

(For Poets United where Sumana asks us to write about fire.)


  1. SPECTACULAR! I adore this poem! Love the looking back, LOVE "Life has changes us, the way all good teachers do," LOVE "We, blooming flowers, will continue to fuel that flame." Wowzers, kiddo, I cant tell you how much I love this poem.

  2. OowOOOOO! The History in me responding to that in you. The fire in me responding to that in you. Hotter, with more words and fuel. I agree with everything Sherry says.

  3. What a wonderful piece, dripping with nostalgia.

  4. Myrna, so often when I read one of your poems I think to myself..."Now that is a woman I would like to have a cup of coffee with." Oh yes, the fires have changed...and true perhaps that we don't fan those wild fires any more demanding reform, knowing SO much more than the generations ahead of us. Now WE are the generation ahead of the pack & we still use our fire, though in different ways!

  5. Indeed the most blazing fire is the one which lives inside a soul. It is fire that drives our passion and gives strength to ambition. Beautifully executed :D

    Lots of love,

  6. Wow, this makes a lot of sense!! Love it, Myrna. The human mind has an important function of ensuring survival, in simple words it has that 'fire within' that gives us the spark of life....lovely!

  7. This is a very wise poem. The fire never goes out.

  8. It is good to be reminded the fire is not extinguished, only changed. Less in the belly now and more in the heart and soul?

  9. This is excellent! So much power and in this,

    "Life has changed us,
    the way all good teachers do."

    so much wisdom...

    A beautiful write, Myrna!

  10. The fire of glad it lives on in some..glowing brighter in a way!

  11. isn't it wonderful how we've kept the flame flickering more brightly? a meaningful life always kindles that little fire...such a beautiful and inspiring poem Myrna...

  12. I do hope that all those burning flower children of so long ago still have that fire within them.

  13. How I loved learning that other people's fires also burn - hotter. Quietly, more discretely but still burning. Always burning.

  14. loved every line - especially the first verse and its 'cumbaya moments of passionate causes' -ah the anger of youth and the adaption of age

  15. I love those closing three lines ~ oh to keep fuelling that flame!

  16. The ability to temper steel requires more heat than before.

  17. Ah, we're all going up in smoke! Well, what better way to go, really?

    Fiery Voices

  18. If the fire within is still burning that is a triumph.

  19. I am glad it hasn't been all extinguished ~ I guess with age, we are tempered but wiser ~ Love the journey of life Myrna ~


  20. Yes - all battles can be survived - and sometimes hopefully won - if we maintain that sense of fire within...a wonderful and uplifting poem

  21. wonderful.....opening stanza is beautiful!!

  22. Lovely poem, Myrna. I like the change in the quality of fire within that you describe as we age. We do not lose the passion, but we learn to channel it better, perhaps!