Wednesday, October 21, 2015


It's easy to deduce what I believe.
Just peruse my books,
tune in to my music, 
my favorite shows,
look at my clothes, 
the friends I chose,
read what I compose.
You'll see what I presuppose.

But it's difficult to predict
my ability
to upward lift, 
like a space ship propelling
into zero gravity,
risking discovery of beam    
so bright 
it could detach the "truths"
that keep me grounded.
I'd like to think I could  
rise to see different views, 
but probably first
someone would have to prove
an apple can fall up.

(For Poets United where Susan asks us to write about Gravity.)


  1. So well stated.I think it is good to listen to other's views but by now I hope we know who we are and where the apple falls.

  2. I wonder.
    Somehow I think that you are more open to new ideas than that - for some things at least.
    Another thought provoking piece. Thank you.

  3. I particularly liked the second stanza here Myrna--I think we all wrestle with those things that can interfere with our rising to see different views

  4. I really like this, Myrna! Indeed, it is difficult to predict the ability to upward lift. And yes, I think many of us are grounded. We have to look up, beyond the pull of gravity, to expand our views!

  5. The closing lines just blew me away!! Such a wise & profound piece :D
    Beautifully penned!

    Lots of love,

  6. ..."it's difficult to predict
    my ability
    to upward lift,"

    oh... that is a gem!

  7. A well written and delightful piece.

  8. I always try to see beyond even if it means I might fall due to the gravitational pull. I think it is mind over matter trying to analyze what is or isn't. I def think you could rise to different views.

  9. Yes, how thankful we should be with gravity. Thoughtful thoughts Myrna!


  10. Oh, you made me laugh with the apple falling up! We do get entrenched, don't we? The poem itself is unpredictable, saving its punch for the end, implying that being "open minded" is well-nigh impossible once everything is set.

  11. Noe this is a VERY cool take on gravity........loved this!

  12. Such a clever poem Myrna - we cannot judge a book by its cover or an apple from the tree it falls from

  13. Great write, the feeling here of trying to overcome ourselves.

  14. sometimes i think it would be cool not being tied to gravity and to be able to look at things from a different angle - reminded me of a reinhard mey song "über den wolken" - above the clouds - it's a song about a different perspectives. he's an awesome singer as well

  15. Hmmm, made me think! Which is always the sign of a good poem, Myrna.