Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Come, visit me. 
Read between the lines
of my living blog's poem.
See the form I am within
concrete walls of neutral colors.
They symbolize blankness 
of life's canvas 
welcoming adornment,
to make it pretty.

"Your house is your larger body." *
Such is my home, whose rooms
like organs, have purpose. 
It's kitchen beats loud.
Pots clanging,  food steaming,
strong coffee brewing.  
This heart is where
you'll sit, 
when you visit.

Take a little tour, see
where I strive, scribble, 
thrive, dream of dreams, 
read a million pages 
written by smart minds responding 
to my answerless questions.

Come, meet my teachers- 
my family, friends, my pets - 
the pulse of my essence,
love flowing.

You'll see my home's tickle spots
of crafty nonsense some call art.    
Please politely refrain from comment
when you see my taste
for ridiculous whimsy revealed.

Visit.  Be my special guest.
I'll let you open doors 
to my dark closets,
where in disarray 
I keep some things concealed.

"Mi casa es su casa."
Come see me.

*Quote from "The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran."

(For Poets United.)


  1. I would never laugh at your penchant for whimsical things---honest!

  2. Such earnest warmth in your verse Myrna.. lovely!

    Lots of love,

  3. I love that your kitchen beats loud! Mine does too--and I grew up in a house that did the same--your verse reminds me so much of tha tender time--just lovely Myrna!

  4. I like this!

    Kahlil Gibran, too.

    Favorite lines:

    This heart is where
    you'll sit,
    When you visit.

  5. Love the tickle spots.. what would a home be without those!!

  6. I would really enjoy seeing your home's 'tickle spots.' I bet they are delightful. And, if I smelled that strong coffee brewing, I'd ask you for a cuppa. Smiles.

  7. Oh thank you for the invite. I feel through your poem I have been there. And guess what? We both have the same wind chimes. They have the most beautiful sound, like church bells. Thank you for this heartwarming poem, my friend.

  8. I have some whimsical things - to me I guess it is part of who you are and makes your place home. I am sure you have a place to read and write and dream. A lovely share of your home.

  9. I love your home Myrna so full of warmth, love and entertainment.... nothing like words, our home :)

  10. Thank you.
    And whimsy and quirkiness are most excellent things...

  11. What a beautiful personal glimpse of you and your home Myrna.

  12. They look very like my wind chimes. And I LOVE ridiculous whimsy. So altogether I enjoyed visiting you via the poem; thanks.

  13. A beautiful invitation to enjoy a little personal, homey whimsy.

  14. Put the kettle on Polly. I'll be over for tea ( Twinings please :)

  15. Amazing work!! I love the likening to the home and especially this:

    "This heart is where
    you'll sit,
    when you visit."


  16. Your house is your larger body." - what a great thought and as the others say your tastes are not ridiculous at all and it is always a pleasure to visit your blog home

  17. Lovely....An inviting home instantly welcomes others in.:)

  18. Lovely....An inviting home instantly welcomes others in.:)

  19. How welcoming your poem is, Myrna. I felt so comfortable coming in and spending time with you! Lovely write.