Sunday, March 31, 2019


My mountains smile proudly like a new parent
They stare at the happy migrants from the east
Swaying, playing, trying to match the sun's yellow
Exuding their purpose by dancing to musical breeze
People from all over came 
To welcome them
To get high merely with the sight of poppy beauty
To become intoxicated by poppy abundance
To soothe the aches of being human
To pause in awe
The poppies rejoice in their being
They know
How to weave a connection between all
Even as they are trampled

(I need to write a poem titled "I wish I were a better photographer, but this is the best I could do with my phone camera and my lack of skill."


  1. Oh how LOVELY to see the desert come abloom with yellow poppies! When I lived with the kids in a more deserty area, every spring the hills we hiked on came abloom with yellow disy-like flowers. It was wonderful. My heart lifted, seeing your photos, and reading your poem.

  2. "To soothe the aches of being human," sigh yes nature does have a calming effect on us. Exquisite write, Myrna πŸ’œπŸ’œ

  3. Oh how beautiful. A scene to make my heart dance and sing. Thank you.
    Mind you, the final lines of your poem made me wince. If only we didn't trample/destroy beauty... But too many of us do.

  4. Beautiful and the pictures too : )

  5. This is so wonderful to have the dessert painted yellow with those poppies... I know the yellow sorts, we have one in our mountains...

  6. Love it! Wonderful - authentic - writing. Beautiful, simple lines - that give pause.

  7. Luv the harmony and qualuty of 'just being' in your poem.
    Happy Sunday Myrna


  8. A gorgeous poem and those pictures just make me happy!

  9. Yes, like a nursery of newborns. Who can't love them? Love the warmth and color you project here.

  10. The ending made me so sad. All too often people end up damaging the natural beauty they claim to admire because they don't stop to think about how their actions affect things.

  11. How blessed you are to have this view. Lovely poem !

  12. The last line broke my heart. The sight is stunning, your description so vivid with truth--the beauty of the poppies and how some of them will die from our (human) delight.

  13. P.S. You painted such wonderful pictures with your words that I don't think the "I Wish..." is truly necessary. Still, I will read it. :-D

  14. I burst out laughing at your note.. I too wander around with a little automatic camera and pretend to not notice those DSLR noses sticking out at everything :)

  15. the flowers are gorgeous, no wonder people come from all around to view them.
    yes, the last line is a bit sad, humans just doesn't seem to stop damaging things wherever they go.

  16. "I wish I were a better photographer, but this is the best I could do with my phone camera and my lack of skill."

    Stop! Do NOT sell yourself short! It is what it is and that is OK.
    These are the words of "Whitesnake"