Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Listen to the flowers' laughter
They tease the trees, the birds,
The crawly beings that have sprung out
To see how the sun rejoices.

We smile as we observe
Nature's rebirth
Winter is already forgotten
The way we forget the dead 
Who wait for us to awaken them
As they lie patiently, still 
in the coffins of our memories

Today, we focus on the living
Acknowledging that beauty
Knows how to return
Again and again


  1. Whoa, what a shocking comparison! It got me thinking. The focus shifts, but forget? Ah! Maybe like I've heard others forget the pain of childbirth before they bear another? To awaken the dead. Could that be why we bring flowers to funerals? April has just this kind of cruelty as life returns.

  2. love how 'rebirth' and 'awakening the dead' mark April in your poem Myrna along with the laughter of flowers..perfect April celebration..

  3. Ah yes nature speaks the language of resurrection

    Much love...

    1. Yes, this was my interpretation as well. Life returns from the dark, a rejouissance of the resurrection.

  4. Nature's rebirth, I love how you put it. Very nice.

  5. I like this, Myrna. It is good that we have April to focus on the rebirth. It has indeed been a long winter.

  6. I love that, no matter what is going on in the human world, nature brings us her gifts again and again. She is very forgiving.

  7. The way we forget the dead
    Who wait for us to awaken them... goodness those are strong lines! Nicely done.

  8. 'As they lie patiently, still
    in the coffins of our memories'

    Powerful contrasts between living and dead.

  9. April is the month of awakenings, of resurrection, as you note, of nature's beauty and green growth that winter put to sleep. Intriguing.


  10. Yes, our lives reflect – or illustrate – the cycle of the seasons. (Smile.)

  11. I love the image of "coffins of our memories"! Thanks for reminding me that I need to awaken a few of the dead!

  12. Your poem made me think of the Native American ritual of Life/Death/Rebirth, in which the initiate must cleanse himself and fast. Then dig a hole (grave) and climb in and remain there for three days. Hopefully, to emerge with a vision for the People. Your close contrast between the living and the dead, reads like just such a vision.


  13. A lovely gentle poem, Myrna. The references to death and rebirth are so apt in April - a month of contrasts.