Wednesday, April 26, 2017



When I was young my my ego was big
Full of expectation expanding my animation
To leave my mark
In a world that owed me
A happy, abundant, upscale living

I accepted all life's tremendous goodness 
My ego took the credit
But when life twisted me, crushed me
Almost destroyed me as many times as it did
My ego became a huge victim of calamity 

The I that is I gradually realized
In happiness or sorrow, 
ego craves grandiosity
Slowly, it can learn though,
About its proper place and size
Within this unfathomable cosmic paradox
Where I, who am simultaneously so big and small,
Am in the present and future of eternity
A very insignificant yet magnificent grain of sand

(For Poets United)


  1. Beautifully done. I love the paradox at the end, big & small, present & future, insignificant & magnificent ... life is like that within the context of the Universe. Thank you for visiting my blog, Magic of Words.

  2. Yes. In the end we are as insignificant as a grand of sand.
    Without the bad times we can never get a perspective on reality and reach wisdom.

  3. I'm glad you got that "magnificent" in there, otherwise it would be tragic indeed. I was thinking this morning how I am so very happy and on the verge of tears--a paradox, maybe, but no contradiction. A very moving piece.

  4. How important it is to realize that in our own environment we seem large until we venture out and find we become smaller and smaller as we see and understand more.

  5. Oh how I love this poem! The largeness and smallness of the human being in the cosmic scheme.....your poem reminds me of a song about how we are not solitary waves, together we make the takes a lot of grains of sand to make a beach. I love this one, Myrna.

  6. Love this, Myrna! The closing line sums it all well, and portrays a powerful realisation and acceptance.

  7. Beautiful. My ego has always been small, and I can accept the grain of sand much more easily than the magnificent.

  8. This is lovely, Myrna! I love the nature and tone of this poem, its something we can reflect and ponder upon.. sigh.. ❤️

  9. Those last three lines are great.. the duality of existence.

  10. Reality in its simplest form!!!
    a nice piece indeed, Myrna! especially loved the second stanza :)

  11. Absolutely! You describe my journey also.

  12. Oh this poem is so philosophical, I Luv the passing on of good advice and inspiration

    Much love...

  13. i like the wisdom in this - how life makes us humble and grateful for what we are and got - a good place me thinks - we are small i think and meaningful at the same time