Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I have two  robots, Harry and the little one,
who hasn't revealed his name.
They're made of bottle caps, stuff people threw 
(not knowing where on earth is?) "away".
A special man with a creative idea
devoted countless hours
to transformation of junk discarded
into things I could use.
Not practical tools, but to me they're jewels,
standing there still, silently watching 
as I live my day in a way they never will.

What attracts me to these robots, my friends? 
I don't know.
They're silly, not pretty or even a real toy.
They're not edible, hugable or exactly lovable
nor considered beautiful art admirable.

Though that's up to interpretation:
because from their motionless stance
they move me.

(For Poets United were Sumana asks us to write about something inanimate, non-human.)

( I fell in love wih these guys.  My husband didn't feel threatened and gave them to me for Christmas.  The man who made them actually collects bottle caps and other miscellaneous stuff and makes an assortment of animals and characters.  He  sells them at the Farmer's Market.  I so much admire his creativity.)


  1. I love them.
    And would dispute their 'non-artiness'. Creative they certainly are. And I love that they are made from other people's discards.

  2. Myrna, they are wonderful pieces of art. I see them in a museum or something. Not junk at all.

  3. stuff people threw (not knowing where on earth is?) "away". True!! We're quite on our way to wreck our planet aren't we! Thank goodness for those who want to save it, one plastic bottle cap at a time.

  4. Awesome! I love the not knowing where 'away' is. Reminds me of my friend, when she asked for less packaging and was told to 'just throw it away" and she indignantly replied, "there IS no Away!" Love your little robots and bet your Grandson does too.

  5. Those are really unique, Myrna. I am glad you showed a photo, but I loved your words describing them. Interesting the things that attract us sometime, isn't it? I can see that you really care about these two little beings.

  6. aw...they are cute and reminders of someone's passion for creation...they do radiate good will...a lovely response to the prompt Myrna...

  7. I love the tender nature of your poem :D
    Beautifully penned!

    Lots of love,

  8. The postscript was the icing on the cake Myrna - whatever we find that makes us smile is priceless and a real jewel :)

  9. It takes lots of talents to create such robots especially when they are from discards. It is open-ended all the way! Innovative take Myrna!


  10. Your husband is very sweet buying you these for Christmas. They have a character of their own...cute. I have some lovely earrings made out of green beer bottle glass. I am a supporter of recycling. I have seen beautiful outdoor furniture, walls and planters made out of discarded car tyres. The waste and fabulous stuff thrown out where I live is absolutely scandalous. No good will come of it.

  11. They're made of bottle caps, stuff people threw
    (not knowing where on earth is?) "away".

    This is a poignant point and very true.

    I find these robots inspiring and charming/quirky! Thank you, for sharing them!

  12. I think they’re dancing the Twist.

    “My husband didn't feel threatened and gave them to me for Christmas.”

    What does this mean? What might he have felt threatened by?

  13. Im always amazed that someone can take discarded stuff and make them beautiful.

  14. The meaningless things, the ones without purpose, the useless things, are precisely those which so often are the ones with the most meaning, the most purpose and they get the most use... I know where you are coming from, Myrna! :-)