Sunday, July 26, 2015



I read a sad poem about a puppy,
a metaphor for something
that wrapped my heart 
around my sleeve, bleeding,
while I became that feeling.
The poet has moved on,
now probably composing something happy,
clever or one of those poems that linger
in vastness of eternal moment, 
a glimpse of mystic silence.

Poets have such a beautiful, gentle, mysterious task
to use words as beams, illuminating 
little pieces in the kaleidoscope of our humanity.
Their role is about revelation, 
about light, sight, wonder.
Most of all,
their poems are a form of love
so powerful as to create 
a simple story about a puppy,
then transform me.


  1. Indeed, Poets possess a gift of creating a powerful and long lasting impact upon its reader. It is often that we find ourselves touched by a poem and feel something inside us change. Beautifully penned :D

    Lots of love,

  2. I think a poem can really have an impact.. I am always touched by dog (or puppy) poems too.

  3. I agree Myrna...your ode to Poets is wonderful as that is what we do...we illuminate, transform and evoke strong feelings with our words...thank you for making my day with this poem!

  4. There is so much magic in your words of transforming feelings

    Have a happy Sunday

    Much love...

  5. one poem can be an inspiration, can even control our mood for that day. the first stanza is really strong, Myrna.

  6. Wow, my friend, you made me feel proud to be a poet with your words...I especially love "illuminating little pieces in he kaleidoscope of our humanity." And that our poems are a form of love. Yes.

  7. This piece really spoke to me. Lovely words - beautifully rendered!

  8. Poets not only illuminate they so often give voices to the mute. For which I am very grateful.

  9. Clever write... and you did become that feeling...

  10. Clever write... and you did become that feeling!

  11. aah...the gift of words and their beautifully written Myrna...

  12. At the very least, poets are magicians and you just proved it,


  13. What a profound poem - little pieces in the kaleidoscope of our humanity - is such an insightful line..i suppose we always draw in and move away even though that may not be our intention

  14. Poems are definitely a gift. I enjoyed this very much, Myrna :)

  15. The strength of a skilled poet so well discribed.

  16. a witty truth about the poet's momentary moments with the muse leaving the reader lagging behind in the trail of emotion