Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Courtesy of Photobucket

She was a mix
of desires, cloudy thoughts
questions spoken, some unexpressed
feelings trapped in her heart,
its beat a rapid thud.

Life, a running target she chased.
It varied, at times a camouflage of happiness,
then stark truth of pain,
when she clenched
to what she was forced to let go.

She's more relaxed now.
Wonders if youth ever really did believe
that age and wisdom are synonymous.
Not true.
She still doesn't know what she doesn't know.

Truth is she still wants to be visible, heard.
to laugh, cry, sing, dance,
dive into air in spite of the bumpy landing,
feel like she's five and ready
for that proverbial ride
that needs only love to increase
not velocity but volume,
the capacity to recognize happiness
then uncloak it, hug it naked, raw to its essence.
All this, before the end of the turbulence.

(Submitted to Poets United.)


  1. Wow. I enjoy how this poem picks up speed in the last stanza, as if the first three were the plugs that were holding the truth--what she KNOWS--inside. Once they cautiously appeared, and the narrator accepted turbulence, out pours all she knows about her own happiness. Bravo!

  2. ha. we think a lot of things when we are young...
    and some of it we can achieve again...experience isnot the best teacher
    but she is a teacher...and with age i def seem to understand
    a bit more....

  3. I, too, especially like the last stanza. I think we always have that little child inside of us.

  4. "the capacity to recognize happiness / then uncloak it," the spirit :) and don't mind bumpy landing at all...happiness unfolds itself gradually we only need to be a bit the happy lines specially the last stanza..

  5. Love what you write and what you imply. A heady mix on a difficult subject. You sculpted a persona in words complete with problems, emotions and sunbursts.

  6. This really packs a punch and such a great ending. Full of life's magic experience.

  7. hehehe...I'm not very old but what you said about age and wisdom not synonymous stood out. So there are old people who are not wise? that's something new. smiles.

  8. Oh yes, I think the urge to be visible is an ageless one. And that proverbial ride is one which we all will remember.

  9. This crone loves your last stanza - and is singing it now. Thank you.

  10. I hope that, at the end of her life, she feels she has achieved something and found some happiness.

  11. WOW!!!! What a lollapullooza of a poem - "clenched...what she was forced to let go"...really speaks to does "she still doesnt know what she doesnt know". You are singing our song. Myrna, singing it true and fine.

  12. What the hunger for love can do to us!

  13. Great poem, love the idea of age not being about wisdom.

  14. Looks like she has to move fast. No one is going to wait for her. That is the way life is in most instances! Nicely Myrna!


  15. "then stark truth of pain,
    when she clenched
    to what she was forced to let go."
    loved these lines.... the harder we hold the more things want to get away from us... beautiful Myrna!

  16. now go and make those airdives... smiles.... it's cool if we cool a bit down with age but def. don't let those sparks and longing for life die

  17. "She's more relaxed now." is what I relate to. That has been one good thing about getting older - not feeling that I have to live up to someone else's expectations... to be my own person. Great write.

  18. A heartfelt poem of aging and embracing the inner child.