Saturday, October 26, 2013

Socio(i)logical Observations

Halloween in Maui, Hawaii 2012

An insidious, destructive prejudice has grown
against the Zombie population in the U.S.
Granted they are quite different,
and difference makes anyone suspect.

Though we lack sufficient evidence of their overt aggression,
we now have manuals in case of their attacks -
"The Zombie Survival Guide, Complete Protection From the Living Dead by Max Brooks."
We repeat slogans like mantras -
"Destroy the brain you kill the ghoul." (Night of the Living Dead)

Zombies share similarities with other minority groups.
Some zombies identify with the oppressor
by calling upon the 2nd amendment to protect themselves
against themselves.
Others, ashamed of their heritage,
deny they are Zombies, disguised they 'blend in'.

Both liberal and conservative groups defend their rights,
teach us about cultural sensitivity, acceptance
of Zombies' non-beliefs in love or any of its associates
(involuntary effect of being undead).

Like most minority groups, Zombies influence mainstream culture:
food - we die to eat.
TV - we watch brainless shows and call them reality.
Language - we refrain from using words in favor of guttural sounds. Ugh
Fashion - torn clothing designed to bring out that unique disheveled look.
Education - no Zombie left behind.

Like it or not Zombies are significant.
Some of my best friends are Zombies,
some have married Zombies, have Zombie kids.
I can testify to their unique contributions.

As an expert - my advice?
Learn to recognize the Zombie shuffle.
Do not fear or hate them, show compassion,
be aware of any Zombeiism in you
then choose
to live or die.

(Submitted to Dverse Poets)


  1. hahaha...ok you make me feel bad for making fun of zombies now...they really are just misunderstood...smiles....some have married zombies...ha....oh, this was nice myrna...smiles.

  2. smiles...very cool myrna.... there surely is some Zombeiism in me as well... and the fashion industry has quite some zombies on thinks..smiles

  3. Smiles here. A wonderful topic, gently camoflagued in fun.

  4. Interesting take on the Zombie subject. >KB

  5. Oh this is just brilliant.. no we unless they start to pick my brain I have nothing against zombies...

  6. I love how you made Zombies culture a part of our mainstream culture ~ They are indeed come to think of it ~ Really enjoyed this Myrna ~

  7. Many are the zombies, passing through days, with no clear perception of reality. I am one of those... I am a zombie.
    Very well-written, giving the nightmarish monster another look through your eyes.

  8. Learn to recognize the Zombie shuffle.
    Do not fear or hate them, show compassion

    I would like to do that, to recognize them and show compassion! But sadly they're just abhorring. The zombies I know I think are also some friends! Great write Myrna!


  9. ..thanks for the to and smartly written!

  10. Clever, quirky and brilliant!

  11. Someone has to stick up for them, they are so misunderstood, hee hee. Good one, Myrna!

  12. Perfect last line. Only we can choose what we will be! For some reason this line made me chuckle:
    "Education - no Zombie left behind." My new mantra!
    Well done & some great food for thought!

  13. Brilliant! And underneath the light-hearted tone, a serious message, about not judgin others too quickly.

  14. This is Hilarious!! Love the cultural references. FYI my kids are totally zombies when they are tired:)

  15. This is a riot... or could possibly cause a riot... either way, loved it!

  16. Hilarious!Zombie friends-zombie kids,lol!

  17. actually playfully deep!
    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral