Wednesday, April 1, 2020


So much rain lately 
The weeds are healthy 
The world is not 
I see
 My husband cooking
 My dogs obliviously sleeping
 Music flowing in waves of joy
 Worries dominate my mood.
 I am blind to blessings
Outside cacti grow 
Green diverse shapes and sizes 
They're oblivious like my dogs 

I walk in my yard where weeds are prolific 
I think
How pretty my yard will be 
Once these unwanted creeping plants are removed
I inspect the ground
I notice
Magnificent exquisite
Little purple flowers 
 Looking closer I see
Tiny weed
 Strong thriving surviving
 Perhaps a reflection of me
 Of us 
 Of humanity
There is hope  

I realize
There's much to learn about
What I call beauty 
What I call a flower 
Or dismiss as a weed
Perhaps I'm asleep


  1. Weeds are flowers growing in the wrong place. Sometimes I am a weed too - but I hope to continue to bloom.
    Heartfelt hugs and oceans of caring are flowing your way. (Non infectious hugs).

  2. Love the last stanza I think we get in this time closer to beauty as we have time to observe and process it

  3. I believe in looking for even the tiniest bit of hope wherever and whenever we can. Nicely done.

  4. Just think: The pandemic is opening your eyes to beauty you never noticed before!

  5. I love this, Myrna. I love the small flowers so bravely growing wherever they find themselves, hoping a giant wont come along and pluck them. I also love how the virus is making us aware of things we took for granted - even those of us who are naturally grateful, like you and I, are even more so now that everything is so uncertain. Now I feel like that small brave flower myself. Smiles.

  6. Beautiful where hope blossoms


  7. Nicely written, and I enjoyed the way you concluded.

  8. This is incredibly heartfelt, Myrna!💘 The last few lines tug upon my soul! xxoxo

  9. Beautiful, Myrna. The tiny of the wild, their struggles to become mature and blooming, no help coming from us. Where we lived before let his front yard be as native as the 1910's could allow.

  10. I like this so much! (One reason being that my yard is full of weeds also!)

  11. A lovely, hopeful and thoughtful write. I enjoyed reading it.

  12. Perhaps we see a weed that others see a flower. A thistle has a beautiful flower but they can overgrow the hill. This duality causes a conflict sometimes. I appreciate your words sparked this thought.

  13. I find the slower pace of life now does help me see beauty I had overlooked before. I find it's not only one of the small silver linings of this time, but it's also one of the things keeping me sane.

  14. This is lovely Myrna. Easier to appreciate the smaller things all around us now.