Sunday, October 6, 2019


Old Mesilla, New Mexico

The band played Latin Jazz
People sat on chairs or on the grass
Some walked alone some with canine companions
Music waved through the air delicately 
Melding with time as it gently passed
Humans animals trees even concrete
Responded with an otherworldly softness
Church bells playfully clanged
As a wedding party floated in hope bubbles
Toward the Gazebo to eternalize
The couple's vow to love
Sitting on the ground surrounded by friends
I forgot what I remembered or needed to forget
Perhaps I even forgot there was an I
Desiring nothing
Until the moment ended

 (For Poets United.)


  1. What a glorious capture of a happy, hopeful moment. Some days, just being is more than enough.

  2. I love those moments when we forget there is an I...........that happens for me at the shore, when I am a single ear, listening to the ocean's roar. Smiles.

  3. I love the music melding with time and softening the world. What a gift.