Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Sometimes when I dream
I diffuse like wind
Boldly I shake the branches of trees
Testing the strength of leaves
Hanging on for life 
Or I flow like a gentle breeze
As leaves passively fall
swaying in dance
To my hypnotic lulling lullaby
When I wake I'm neither 
wind nor tree
nor leaves nor breeze
Nor dance or lullaby
I'm all and none
As life hangs on to me
Always clashing

(Sumana at Poets United asks us to write about Life - paradox or balance.)


  1. I quite like my brain taking me on a mystery trip at night, but it is aways a disappointment if that journey is interrupted by waking up.

  2. An unidentifiable longing of the heart. Will it be fulfilled? How can it be fulfilled if one cannot name what is missing, or what one has too much of?

  3. It must be lovely to be the wind in a dream.............

  4. "When I wake I'm neither
    wind nor tree"

    Luv these lines, for hankering for more dream space.

    much love...

  5. This is lovely - and balance an always elusive dream.

  6. "I'm all and none"...A profound feeling, this is. So much attachment, involvement yet fully detached! Wow! Such a peaceful state of mind! A beautiful poem, Myrna & so thought provoking.

  7. To dance with the leaves! What a wonderful dream time. Some of this wonder must come in to the day.

  8. Elusive the dream yet images are vivid and alive in your poem. What a wonderful interpretation of the prompt!

  9. "When I wake I'm neither
    wind nor tree"

    Beautiful writing about balancing dreams and reality.

  10. I love this living dance, in which the speaker is everything in life and life in everything. Balance is a fantastic thing, especially when born of chaos.