Sunday, June 24, 2018


One sunny, warm, breezy afternoon
During my "playtime", when I practiced how to paint,
My endeavor was interrupted by my mountains. 
Silently, absurdly, jealously they called me
To look at them like an only child
Tantruming, demanding attention. 
I obliged, happily celebrating 
Their hypnotic, motionless performance
Until shadows of birds flying overhead
Startled me. 
I resumed my original goal,
A large roadrunner, dashed from the bushes, 
running right in front of my window
To confront me with his big round eyes.
Defiantly, he stared straight at me.
Clicking and whirring.
Though I do not speak his language,
He demanded to know what I was doing.
Exasperated he ran around and around before me,
An angry bird.
A large quail family waddled toward me
To apparently demonstrate the glory of family unity
By parading before my window.
The vigilant parents communicated well to ensure
That not one tiny baby got left behind.
A little cotton-tail rabbit appeared like magic,
Seemingly, to join in whatever it is 
The rest of the crowd was watching 
Through that mysterious opening where 
I, this strange creature, lurked.
A huge jack rabbit leaped, peaked
But hopped quickly toward the desert
Where he could surely have more fun.

I sat mesmerized
At the scene that had unfolded before me -
A party, a living composition 
from Mother Nature, showing me
how She uses her playtime
to  paint masterpieces.

(For Poets United.)


  1. Wonderful! And yes, Nature is quite the artist, as you so well captured.

  2. Beautiful.
    Nature is the BEST artist - and her galleries are spectacular too.

  3. Oh that ending was wonderful and how I view nature as well....your story/poem was mesmerizing as I could just picture each character as they paraded by!

  4. Oh my GOIODNESS, how I love this. Love the descriptions of all the animals, the calling of the insistent mountains, love how MANY critters came to visit and especially love your closing lines. Wow, kiddo. This is fantastic. And you live in a magical spot!

  5. And yet so many are quite blind to the beauty before them. What a delightful piece of writing.

  6. I sat mesmerized
    At the scene that had unfolded before me -
    A party, a living composition

    Good observation techniques can bring dividends in invoking lots of ideas from everyday happenings!


  7. There is something distinctly hypnotic about those mountains as one sits down to gaze..💜 Nature is truly inspiring when it comes to art and poetry!💜

  8. Very enthralling story, oh how i luv that end verse. Thanks for dropping by by SUnday Standard this week

    much love...

  9. Monday Writes 160 is live. I invite you to link in today and every Monday

    much love...

  10. How lovely! The only roadrunner I've ever seen was the one on the cartoon, but I do have the crows, jays, juncos, chickadees, collared doves, woodpeckers, sapsuckers, and others that sometimes come to one of my feeders.

  11. Mother Nature is quite the teacher, and angel of inspiration.

  12. A lovely picture painted by nature herself and you did her proud with your descriptive words.
    Anna :o]

  13. Ah, Mother Nature is wonderful at painting those masterpieces, isn't she? And we need to take some time to view and appreciate them!