Sunday, August 27, 2017

Have been gone a while and have missed you all.  Been busy relearning life's lessons.  Both daughter and husband have had health challenges and I've been trying to be helpful.  I'll be posting 
periodically for a while, whenever I can and the muse inspires.



In high school, nuns taught me Latin,
The best foundation.
But it seemed lifeless, irrelevant, useless
To a teenage girl who preferred to learn French,
Melodic, romantic language
That magnified my magical dreams.
But the magic of those dreams died
Starved from lack of habit.
Both languages became foggy wisps  
Of my memory.

Today, in spite of my good intentions,
I frown at my sketches.
My hand simply does not give form
To what I want to create.
Will I ever learn?
Why is everything like language?
If not practiced, forgotten.

Is that why life is more circular than linear,
Continuously passing by similar scenes
Of opportunities
To practice love in all its forms?
Will I ever learn to draw
From the rainbows in my heart
Teaching me
Again, again.
Is that why Spring keeps repeating?


  1. Stunning and full of angst I loved it! The idea of life being circular and passing by familiar scenes is so universal. Nice imagery!

  2. Such a wistful poem - which speaks loudly to me.
    Glad to see you back again, and hope those health challenges are dminishing.

  3. Nice Piece, beautiful drawings.

  4. Myrna, lovely to see you. I admire the movement, humour, laughter and tenderness in your sketches. I am especially taken with the girl on the bottom, right. Is that your daughter? I hope your family mends well and i know your muse is faithful and will be ready when you are. I trust my own will as well, lol.

  5. Love the poem and its wise question; glad to see you back; you draw HEAPS better than me!

  6. I am glad you are working on your sketching! So true, if something is not practiced it can be forgotten. Keep at it...I have seen your sketches and they are nothing to frown at really.

  7. Loved this thought provoking extended metaphor and I think that your sketches are wonderful. I too, sketch a bit and try to enjoy the process, as I seldom end up where I thought I was heading. Smiles. I hope that your husband and daughter are both on the mend.

  8. A wonderfully written reflection of life.

  9. Welcome back. You have been missed. Your poem has spun me back to those times.'Sedete in silencio' Sister Loyola would say before every Latin lesson. Little adolescent girls with braids and hair ribbons translating Caesars Gallic Wars (bored out of their minds)...of course we are defined by these experiences and can never expect to be (normal)/ ordinary folk... Woohoo!:)I like your drawings... especially the couple on the wire without a net.

  10. We also missed you Myrna. Hope your daughter and husband get well soon.
    Like all your poems, this one too has the wonderful wisdom. "Continuously passing by similar scenes / Of opportunities / To practice love in all its forms?".....Nothing can be truer than this.

  11. In high school, nuns taught me Latin,
    The best foundation.
    But it seemed lifeless, irrelevant, useless

    This reminds me of my father who got to hear exactly the same thing... ha always wanted to get into science but was forced into Latin by my grandfather for the same reason...

  12. Your early drawing are great and show great promise and even now your could do as well if not better as your eye would see differently. But why leave writing as you do that so well too observing that life is "circular not linear". Best wishes to the family too.

  13. I think some things are gifted never to be grasped again but the lessons we need to learn crop up again...I like the free flow of thought in this poem - like sketching -

  14. Good to see you! Lovely piece and beautiful drawings. Prayers to you and your loved ones.

  15. Is that why spring keeps repeating.. brilliant..loved that punchline.

  16. Such lovely drawings, Myrna!❤️ Sending love and prayers your way❤️

  17. i love your drawings - and i think practice is a big key - the most important thing is to have fun in the imperfection me thinks.. that makes all the difference