Wednesday, May 24, 2017



I loved that small pot of roses
You gave me that day
Blood red, scent of heaven
Delicate petals embracing
Like we did
Our vibrations circling 
Creating harmonious waves
As we recognized 
Ourselves in each other
Love can be so easy

But love never stays the same
Life likes to draw indelible lines
Births, marriages, deaths, 
Leave their marks 
As do all those seemingly insignificant
Daily encounters that highlight
Different colors in our worlds

Today I barely see myself in you
Our lives are tinted by different hues
But those roses you gave me still bleed red,
Exude a divine bouquet
And they've grown huge

(For Poets United.)


  1. I like how this poem recognises that love never stays the same, that it changes over time, and yet bits of love from the past still color the present relationship.

  2. This is a beautiful and wise perspective on hearts and flowers........your closing lines are so powerful - we keep the best of those memories, forget the rest.

  3. How lovely! The rose was my Daddy's fav. I love them too.

  4. Oh how i luv the note you ended on, with those roses still blooming and huge

    Happy Wednesday

    much love...

  5. Wonderful reflection on time and the changes it brings. Am glad those roses grew to embrace new meanings,


  6. Ooo. HUGE! So much life and change on that firm foundation of fragrance and closeness.

  7. This is a wonderful poem.A subtle and a beautiful expression of changing love.

  8. You have captured the changing stages of love, yet those roses remind a constant reminder of beauty.

  9. How big that love has grown. What a beautiful way to express it Myrna.

  10. Before I moved out, for university (September 1990), in Ottawa, Ontario, there was an old yellow tea rose, which, flourished despite every barrier, it faced. Many springs, my dad was ready to dig it out and it would send out new shoots and tiny buds. Unlike most roses, today, it had a strong scent that attracted pollinating wasps, bees, bumble bees, and other insects. From this old rose bush, I learnt many lessons, about myself, and caring for roses. Thank you, Myrna, for helping me, to remember this.

  11. You can feel the growth of changing love. What better reminder that the beauty of red roses.

  12. The past can still be fragrant if we let it..keeping the good memories...

  13. Oh Myrna this is soo beautifully eloquent!❤️

  14. Friendship is a tender flower - so special when we care for it and allow it to bloom

  15. Oh so beautiful, the depiction of love over time and that some things do not change "But those roses you gave me still bleed red."

  16. A lovely symbol of the bond that remains even as a friendship alters.

  17. But love never stays the same
    Life likes to draw indelible lines

    It is a beautiful thought where love can be so much versatile! Very much so Myrna!


  18. A delightful poem, Myrna. Gifts fo flowers are very special, especially if they are living flowers that you can plant out in the garden and have as a constant reminder of the giver, the gift, the occasion and circumstances at the time...