Sunday, March 19, 2017


The old peach tree

I go outside for a moment 
My intention is to enjoy a little peace
As I eavesdrop on nature's banter

The breeze whistles its morning breath 
Tickling leaves that wiggle 
Enjoying playful caress 
Little mouse squeaks as he hides in the drain pipe
Nervous rabbit scuttles then freezes behind a cactus
The old peach tree giggles at realization
That his blossoms contain secrets of fertilization 
Insects scurry playing hide and seek
In and out of earth's big and tiny crevices 
Birds fly away chirping a wild hilarity
I make the sound that breathing makes
The sun beams on us all

I sit still
Interpreting all these joyful communications
As silence


  1. The kind of silence that brings peace..........beautiful, Myrna.

  2. I love that last piece... silence can be filled with a lot of sound.

  3. You shared such a beautiful silence. Thank you. Like the tree which falls in a forest, their is music in it...

  4. That is the beauty of true silence!

  5. Yes, beautiful experience captured.

  6. I can hear the the creatures communicating with one another and the earth. There is so much to hear if we just still the noise.

  7. A wonderful communion with nature. Such lovely imagery. I especially like the old peach tree and the silence amidst the serene sounds of nature. Thank you for visiting my blog, Magic of Words:)

  8. Love all that bantering with nature!

  9. This is so wonderfully drawn - a lovely little respite from the harsher realities of the day. Much enjoyed! Thanks so much for this, Myrna!

  10. Ha! Love your last line. You are right, no such things as silence really, if we really listen.

  11. Oh this is soo wonderfully deep and serene...❤️

  12. I would trade anything just to listen to nature's banters Myrna. Believe me, they are very therapeutic :-)

  13. What a great thought.....eavesdropping on Nature's banter! Lovely way to phrase it.