Wednesday, March 8, 2017


I'm no longer that pretty pink
Resting passively on white paper
So light but not bright, barely visible
A quiet adornment overshadowed
By other colors of might
I've allowed myself to blend
To flow into bolder values
That add essence to my pink
Creating something stark, noticeable, undefinable
Beauty and ugliness clash as my identity evolves
Mystery of becoming lives always in me
While pink, my love, remains the core of all
That I will ever be

(For Poets United.  Sending love to all women.  Let us celebrate each other.)


  1. "My love remains the core of all I will ever be." What a beautiful statement that is. And so true, Myrna. I LOVE this poem!!!!!!!!!!! You are to be celebrated, my friend. Happy Women's Day.

  2. Yes she seeks. she grows, she matures without forgetting her soul indeed. She is a bold one in my 📖 book

    Thank you Myrna, I'm happy you dropped by to read mine

    Much love...

  3. An evolving identity is worth watching: Something wondrous will appear!

  4. Love the added essence.
    Brilliant take - and happy Women's Day.

  5. Layers: "Creating something stark, noticeable, undefinable"
    How very powerful, even with that inner pink.

  6. "Creating something stark, noticeable, undefinable" I love the complexity of the being while not forgetting the essentials that make her...It's a beauty Myrna.

  7. How important it is own and love yourself for what you are. This is a beautiful poem Myrna.

  8. What an excellent metaphor! I love best of all the line, 'Mystery of becoming lives always in me'.

  9. Happy Womens Day. Pink remains my core as well.

  10. Oh, I really love this...adding layers of strength and growth while retaining the lovely essence of womanhood. Great job.

  11. I love this too. How we grow as bolder we become!
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  12. Thank you, Myrna, for this poem, which speaks to me, on so many different levels, of my soul. Personally, blue will always be my colour, especially, baby blue. As it intertwines itself, with hot pink, on the transgender flag.

  13. Your tribute to your womanhood is so spirited and alive. what a great read.

  14. Great poem, Myrna. Most people tend to forget that pink combines strong, elemental, primary red of the life force and white - the colour of the brightest light and which contains all colours within it...