Sunday, February 19, 2017


I envy Leroy
He sticks to basics.
Eating, walking, pooping, playing,
Allowing his self-love to manifest
As love for me.
The simplicity of his being
Gifts me with joy.

But he is unaware of my complexity
Or how there's an invisible thread
That connects him to me.
Making him happy, excited or sad
Depending on where I am
On the spectrum of my feelings.
So often, he is my reflection

Leroy doesn't realize 
there's a multitude of threads woven
In this tapestry called love.
He is unaware that he and I are sad now,
Not because I'm hurt,
But because my daughter is suffering.
Her pain travels to my heart
Through that strong tether
That makes me feel what she feels.

I guess I'm actually a lot like Leroy.
Perhaps, there's no need for envy.

(My daughter is waiting for a date to undergo some serious back surgery.  Ironically, my husband just recently recovered from back surgery.  An infection caused him a lot of pain and long hospitalization.  My daughter's surgery is going to be more intense.  She is now in lots of pain and is scared.  Of course, I suffer with her.  I know poems should not be explained.  But I'm nervous and wrote this quickly so I feared it may not make any sense.  Still, just wanted to join in today.)  

(For Poets United.)


  1. Oh, so sorry to hear about your daughter's problems, following so close on your husband's. May she recover as he has, asap! It is actually a very good poem, and what you say is clear, interesting, and even profound.

  2. I think you and Pup should just hold on to each other through this. The question about what animals do and do not understand is up for debate. (Though, I must say, if I were my cats I wouldn't always forgive me as they eventually do.)

  3. Myrna, I am so glad you explained so we can fully understand the poem, and what you are going through. It is harder to watch our children suffer than to suffer ourselves. You must be worried for her, especially after all your husband went through. I hope all will go perfectly for her but, even so, the recovery will be difficult, I am sure. I will be thinking of you.

  4. Hope your daughter recovers soon and glad the pup is there to help you through this time.

  5. I do understand how the simplicity of his being can give you joy. I feel the same way about my dogs.. They are comforting really just to have around. Leroy definitely does not realize the complexity of love, but he does know love. I am glad you explained the poem really, as there is nothing more frustrating than to try to figure something out that could be explained a bit in order to make sense. I wish your daughter is scary, but I hope her recovery is not too hard.

  6. I pray that your daughter will be fine. It is terrible when you go into hospital,,, you can expect to contact some new disease you did not have before you went. It is the same in Australia. Happens too often.Be not mistaken Leroy understands everything.He is a dear thing. Give him a hug from me.

  7. So sorry to hear of your daughter's upcoming surgery. You certainly have been going through a time of great anguish, Myrna. My thoughts are with you. A dog can be a source of quiet comfort in times of anxiety and stress, so that is probably why you turned to Leroy. I think that is lovely. Blessings.

  8. so sorry to learn about your daughter's illness Myrna..may she recover soon...don't worry, everything will turn out well..
    love this poem...'simplicity of his being' is a gift to you..

  9. That sounds scary. Of course that's all you can think about right now.

  10. Oh, how I relate to your words, and I will remember you and your daughter in my prayers.

  11. Oh Myrna :( I am so sorry to hear about your daughter's illness. Sending love and prayers your way.

  12. Sorry to hear of your daughters pain. I guess Leroy is not as simple as he appears. He senses your sadness, sometimes humans who we think should be are very insensitive

    Thanks for dropping by my Sunday Standard this week

    Much love...

  13. I understand a mother's concern when her child is in pain. It is hard to have a calm mind when such things are pulling her attention. I hope she comes through her surgery with no complications.

  14. There is pain and suffering that can't be avoided but sharing them will ease off some parts of the ordeal. Keep up the strong support, Myrna!