Monday, July 18, 2016



I wish you well
As you select
The road untraveled
By anyone else 
But you
Taking giant steps 
Deeply into mystery's darkness
Tripping on rocks of unknowing
Smiling as you rise from falls
Accepting journey's 
Intricate, unpredictable adventures 
Each moment
A fluid, moving destination

I dedicate this to Brian, to whom I am grateful for encouraging me to write poetry.  
Happy Anniversary to Dverse Poets!


  1. What a wonderful tribute.. Yes Brian has encouraged so many of us...

  2. Aww. Tahnk you Myrna. Its been a cool journey thus far...and you never know where it might take you next. Thanks for sharing a bit of it with me.

  3. A moving destination, I like the tribute and specially the ending very much Myrna.

    Thanks for joining us and wishing you well in your own journey too.

  4. Yes, everyone has their own unique journey.

  5. This is quite touching, Myrna...for Brian, of course, but really for anyone, at any stage of life.

  6. Ah.. the canopied
    road that shows a future..
    a place of hope of roads
    untold.. but sure.. a place
    of DArk that
    some can
    no longer
    go.. what once
    looked ike despair
    for so long is nothing
    imaginable but hope..
    a secret IS A reaLiTy
    of alWays
    a path
    for more
    than less before..
    for oh the places
    oNe WiLL GO iN briGht
    on roads unwinding tOld..:)

  7. Wonderful poem, excellent tribute. This is an excellent poem/blessing for anyone starting out on a journey at any point of their live.

  8. Lovely. So many untravelled roads, so many destinations...

  9. Love that driveway in the picture with the overhanging trees! It looks like it leads to a mysterious, yet beautiful old home.

    Expressive poem. You are good!

  10. Accepting journey's Intricate, unpredictable adventures - the road untraveled. Cheers to that! Nerve-racking but worth it!

  11. Accepting journey's Intricate, unpredictable adventures. Nerve-racking but worth it!

  12. I like that you wrote this for Brian...he is truly worthy of this tribute.

  13. Thanks Myrna. I'm glad someone mentioned Brian. I wish he'd get to writing again soon. Still, he was right. I think it's better to take breaks from time to time. Your poem was a great dedication to him, thanks

  14. beautiful journey

  15. this is a beautiful tribute to Brian, Myrna...

  16. Brian has been an inspiration and cheerleader for so many of us. I like the passing reference to Robert Frost, and the idea that each moment is a fluid destination! Lovely!

  17. This is such a wonderful tribute, Myrna :D

  18. "each moment
    a fluid, moving destination"
    I love this line! We are indeed, each on a journey of our own making.

  19. Lovely! Each one of us travels a different path, but those intersections where we meet, or those long or brief moments when our paths converge make the journeys so worthwhile!

  20. Every journey has it's ups and downs, but you shouldn't be afraid to take that first step. :)

  21. This seems to fitting as a tribute to Brian. I think there are so many journeys for us to choose from and most of us are capable of taking them. It comes down to choosing one that's meaningful.

  22. A beautiful dedication.

  23. Intricate, unpredictable adventures
    Each moment a fluid, moving destination

    That really makes the difference. One makes adjustments all along the way to maintain the semblance of order!


  24. what a beautiful poem myrna - he's such an adventurer - isn't he - and with such a big heart for people - i really admire him for his courage
    hope you're doing well lovely lady...

  25. What a wonderful way to look at the journey of life. Your words and your outlook are an inspiration.

  26. A lovely tribute he has opened many pathways at the pub.