Sunday, July 10, 2016



Talking to an old acquaintance,
Catching up with life
It was death's heavy mist
That dampened our conversation.
We tried our best 
To keep things light
But the light streams so dim
In fear's abyss of darkness.
"I need to see a specialist about my kidneys
But my memory is my biggest worry.
It seems there's so much I forget,
So much TO forget.   
The world is getting worse each day.
With conscience clear, I'm not voting this year.
The lesser of two evils is still evil."

I agreed that it's hard to stay positive
When all seems in negativity submerged.
"I pray for everybody," he said.  
"Yes, it's good that you do, that we breathe
Hopeful energy into this world."
The little silence that followed
Wailed at my funereal empty words.

"Tell Mary I called."
"I will, if I don't forget." He laughingly said.
I chuckled at the sick humor
Wondering if this is the end
Of casual talk, chit-chats about the weather
Family, friends and pets
Or will grief be our only communion.
I hung up, reached for my comforting coffee
But it didn't soothe the lump in my throat.

(Health issues seem to be at the forefront of thoughts, as my friends and I age into our autumnal years. And political discord does not escape anyone's thoughts.  This was the gist of a real conversation I had the day after the racial and police violence here in the U.S.   I keep going back to my youth, when I was taught that hope is a virtue.  Recently, I read that to be truly hopeful, one must confront the reality of darkness.  I think recognizing the darkness is the easy part, finding the light is the challenge.)

(For Poets United.)


  1. Finding light is indeed a challenge during dark days. All the tension worries me and the world is changing.

  2. I know, my friend. We weary of holding onto hope this many decades while everything grows worse and worse. Thank heaven for blue skies, sunshine, babies' laughter and puppy dogs!

  3. It is very hard to find the light or ease the lump in our throat as reality is so heavy at times - perhaps connecting, talking, writing keeps open the possibility of hope - at the very least there will be someone else who understands in some small way

  4. I truly believe that a lot of things are getting better... but we are being served news of disasters every day... to serve the ground for big leaders with big egos we need to believe it's getting worse...

  5. Indeed so true that recognizing the darkness is the easy part. It is hard, some days, to see the light. Three widely reported incidents in one week is sometimes too much to bear. In church the lesson of the day was on the Good Samaritan...a hard lesson to reflect on when so often people with differences are shot rather than embraced. And yes, the health issues and the memory issues - so much to fear in life. Not to mention the election. Somehow, however, we must find the light in all the is the only way to survive and thrive.

  6. It seems my conversations are similar too with others....and yes it is the challenge to find that I start with myself and find the light within. And I will vote even if it may be the lesser of two the lesser is somehow at least a bit better.

  7. We can't change the world, but we can change the way we face it. And even on the dark days there is beauty and wonder.

  8. Sadly the world is changing without our consent. We are being bullied into accepting the worst option by power hungry politicians and capitalists to the detriment of everyone but themselves. We are but pawns in their game of chess.

  9. I hung up, reached for my comforting coffee
    But it didn't soothe the lump in my throat.

    So much in the world that continually affects life adversely! A lot of weirdos around and those powers that be are adding more to it.


  10. I echo Jae Rose's thoughts Keep connections with like minded people and enjoy Sherry's good things. Do what you can to make changes, support causes you care about. Often it only takes a minute to add a signature, or use talk back radio,use your blog, write poems about social ,etc. It is all you can do.Treat it like a job that does not take up too much time then try to enjoy everything else by being discerning about not allowing too much negativity to enter.Happiness rubs off on other people and increases the quality of everyone's life. Stay positive.
    You got me on a good day that's why I'm so cheerful:) (chuckles !)

  11. Agree with previous comments.. have to hold on tight to the positives..they are the sunshine between dark clouds of failing health and a messed up world.

  12. Agree with previous to hold on tight to the positives..they are the sunshine between dark clouds of failing health and a messed up world.

  13. "Yes, it's good that you do, that we breathe / Hopeful energy into this world." works & this is the light we need and can give...

  14. Sigh.. it may be that we can not change the world.. but we certainly can face it with a positive and unrelenting attitude.

    Lots of love,

  15. Sadly yes, not hard to spot the darkness nowadays.

  16. I am having the same conversation, it seems.

  17. I am also thinking quite a bit about health and aging these days--it is difficult to stay feeling positive sometimes, but there is a comforting place inside of each of us, if we can reach beyond our fear--your piece moved me today

  18. I feel this one today--wish that were different for me too!

  19. It's so true. It does feel as though the world is getting darker. Some days, I find I have to sit in a lightly lit room and listen to soft classical music and actually make an effort - a physical and mental effort - to restore my spirits.

  20. there isn't much good news in the headlines recently, isn't it? we may be too small to be noticed, but i think your vote still matters.

    though written in a conversational tone, it is still a very thoughtful write, and very relevant to these trying times.