Friday, July 8, 2016


In my youth, I dreamed of dancing, eternally blessed
motion fixed in time, jumping, leaping, flying
reaching to grab air, painting rainbows with my breath.

Many times throughout, I fused with flow's
good fortune, rhythmically entwined
music's harmony seemed divine
in me possessed by my egoic illusions
I followed step by step.

Other times, I've been out of sync crashing
my stumbles, fumbles, mistakes,
losing my place, falling from grace,
plummeting unstable, hitting ground.
The dance, only to begin again.

Today, ballerina's perfection still dangles
in my idealistic head
as I hear my inner choreographer
whose scintillating a cappella voice
my clumsy dancer directs:
"Changement to releve'.
Master grand plie'.
Most important of all
remember - balance'!"

(This is an older poem, which I've edited a bit.  It's from 2011.  I didn't even realize I'd been writing poetry for so many years.  Today, I thought I'd look back in my archives and was surprised.)

(For Prompt Nights where Sanaa"s prompt is "dance",)


  1. Whistles!! Myrna :D this is such a tender and lovely poem. I can feel the emotions in every word and every line. Especially love "flying reaching to grab air, painting rainbows with my breath." Beautifully executed. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support :D :D

    Lots of love,

  2. I suspect you have always been a poet. It is an intrinsic part of you. And was - even before you started to write them down.

  3. I watch my granddaughter practice her pliés and wonder whether she too dreams of becoming a ballerina. Oh to be young again and have those choices ahead of us.

  4. Alas, ballet was not my forté either.

  5. Mastering grand plié is what one needs in life...a wonderful poem Myrna...

  6. Balance is the most important thing - no matter our profession - i love the idea of painting rainbows with our breath - so joyful..made me think also that although it looks beautiful from the outside dancing can be a rigorous pursuit - perhaps a joyous bop now and again keeps us young at heart!

  7. Mine was an older poem as well. LOL, this reminded me of ballet lessons as a child, but I never was much good at that either. The slower moves are harder to do well.

  8. Ballerinas have to work sooo hard... I admire the profession very much.

    I love the first and third stanzas best, there is something about the listing that gives so much movement to words...

  9. Oh I love this vision...we all must remember "balance" :D XXX

  10. My idea of what I look like when I dance, and what I actually look like, I think are very different! I'll stick with the imagery :)