Wednesday, March 9, 2016


One day, in a very weird way
I was forced to say
all my thoughts out loud.
Of this honesty I was not proud.

I couldn't always speak kindly, 
as my words spewed wildly
with irrational contradictions
unbalancing my convictions.

I told a woman she was fat, 
another that she looked like a gnat,
How gross, the man who spat.
I liked his hat,
but not his kid, the brat.
Everyone near could hear
all the things I fear,
how nice I want to play
but don't always feel okay.
How sometimes I want to run away
from what appears an ordinary day.

All this vocal thinking made me mad.
The next morning I was glad.
My thoughts were once again concealed.
Now I know what is thought and what is revealed 
is often not congealed.

(Sumana at Poets United asks us to write something weird.)


  1. You have summed up beautifully one of the reasons I am glad that telepathy isn't a common skill.
    I really, really don't want to see into other people's heads and am glad they cannot see into mine.

  2. I can picture how that must feel - to get caught in a weird situation and not knowing what to do next. Powerfully expressed.

    Lots of love,

  3. Whew. Such a weird day! But it could have been much worse.

  4. I dont believe it for a minute, LOL....This made me smile.........

  5. That would be quite a nightmare find your thoughts having voice in this way. However I am sure many of us feel this way as we observe people...says he looking innocent.

  6. A weird day or an honest day - i think we all have these thoughts - but are we brave enough to say made me think of being a child and be taught how to filter what to say..a clever and thoughtful poem.

  7. Nope. I don't believe are too nice :) are just practise a bit of poetic license here:)
    Besides, nice convent gels don't think like this:)
    I wrote a little ditty based on the Mikado for Sherry You and I !

  8. Ha, I do think if people knew all of anyone's thoughts they would think them 'weird.' Thank goodness for the concealment of thoughts! Smiles.

  9. This is wonderful (and kind of terrifying). I guess we never truly think about it--or maybe some of us do--but if our thoughts were made public... oh my, there would be such chaos.

    Love the rhyme. It makes the weird (and the fear) much easier to consider.

  10. I'm sure that the speaker is glad that weird things don't always come out of her mouth!

  11. Your weirdness is the source of your character and power. Weird is who we are, the best parts, not perfect, not pretending—just us.Let the weirdness shine!... :)
    Interesting poem...loved the rhyme!

  12. Oh!! Dear. that would be a nightmare...the contradictions yes, and snap judgement. Well played...causes one to think more about one's own thinking.

  13. Loved it...really it would be weird if the world were to know our inner most thoughts...