Wednesday, December 16, 2015


I sweep my office/room, with my eyes
so many objects hold my attention:  
pictures, paintings, a toy wooden prop plane,
(all gifts from my friends), 
some of my drawings are pinned,
dangling on small bulletin board (need improvement),
dog beds (spoiled loved animals),
my desk ( spirit) supports
a Buddha figurine, a picture of Ama, the hugging saint, 
a singing bowl, a picture of my dogs(!?),
a poetry chapbook I bought from a starving artist,
a little golden mannequin next to a little toy robot.
They both stand still waiting for me to live, 
sometimes wanting me to imitate their stillness,
other times wanting me to feel, see and move the way they can't.
In the middle, there's space
for my computer, ipad, my phone (techno "necessities"),
but mostly for my thoughts that sometimes strain
for meaning, other times flow deeply in poetic sensitivity.
There's more stuff in this mix, strewn around in disarray:
a box of tissues (allergies), a little journal book (awareness), sketch books (learning),
a little dish full of marbles (inspiration), papers to be sorted (procrastination).
There's a chest of drawers for miscellaneous things,
on top are many pictures of my family (treasures).  
Monumental mountains (conscience) stare at me
through the light and darkness that filters through the window.
The design of this room is no accident.
 I chose it then selected and placed everything in it 
(my life.). 

(For Susan's prompt at Poet's United; design.


  1. Brilliant. I am looking around me as I type, thinking that my life/home need more conscious arrangement. Muddling along is sometimes not good enough...

  2. I think I was waiting for the surprise ending. So much stuff(ing) totally resonates with me, and none of it is random. I had a goal this year of cutting my clutter in half, but it didn't happen. Well, I do have fewer rugs on the floor. You gave me pause at "They both stand still waiting for me to live ...." You do so much! But then I know the waves of stillness and busyness of which you speak.

  3. I loved the design of your room. Beautifully expressed :)

  4. The design of this room is no accident.
    I chose it then selected and placed everything in it
    (my life.).

    Profound! I love how heartwarming this poem is :D the concept is just perfect.. so simple so true :D I agree we really do design things according to how we live :D Beautifully done!!

    Lots of love,

  5. Beautiful post. And look at all the wonderfully different aspects of YOU that are in that room :-) You're right, it is by no accident that we surround ourselves with the things we do, different aspects of ourselves. I couldn't help but notice that you mentioned pics of your dogs in this lovely room. Would you happen to have pics of your daughter nearby? Lol. You write beautifully and inspire me to become a better writer myself.

  6. Our objects hold memories... inspire us and are visual diaries. Now having seen yours I must set to work and tidy mine. I am not a minimalist:)Merry Christmas Myrna.
    A singing bowl has made me curious:)

  7. This is so photographic Myrna, beautiful details held by the artist's decorative and well designed life....

  8. Such a wonderful and honest poem Myrna - I think our desks/the places we create are absolutely by's like putting all positive things around where we want to create something good and maybe also release the past a little...i love your desk space - it feels very open and full of possibility

  9. Ah, a person's 'room' definitely expresses one's life. I liked very much learning what you included in yours. Somehow I think that many of these things (such as the little buddha, the dish of marbles) could be worthy of their own poems!

  10. This is so interesting, Myrna...I love to see the pieces that make the person's world up...beautiful!

  11. I love this visit to your room. And of course the photo of your dogs belongs on your altar of treasures. Mine are too. LOL. I most love that peek out your window at your beloved mountains. Sigh. Thanks for the visit, my friend.

  12. I love how you have organized your room. .....wishing I'd not procrastinate to walk through my stuff and leave only what work now in my life...still holding for past...promise to do it every day...~ thanks for inspiring example!

  13. Very entertaining write.

    Much love...