Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This morning I saw the open spaces of my time as a blank canvas waiting to be filled. Then I reflected on life in general and wondered if much of it is not also a blank canvas waiting for our choices to paint the picture of our fulfillment, or lack thereof. And I began to see my life as a work of art in progress.

To complete the metaphor, the frame must represent our life circumstances, which can strongly influence the work of art by highlighting its strengths, or detracting from its essence. It can be grandiose or so small that the painting seems to have no focal point. The balance of the painting and its frame seems to be what creates wholeness.

Enough metaphor.

My father left my life when I was about three years old. Memories of him are like fog. But I am told he was a singer and a painter - an artist.

Is there a gene for that?

Most would think I have little for which to thank my father, but perhaps it is that gene of his that is driving me to appreciate the art that surrounds me. I suppose nature is the biggest work of art, but the creativity that is exuded by some people is almost as stunning and godlike. And now I see each life as a canvas being tinted , a story being sung, a poem in motion, a sculpture of reality.

So, thank you father.

When I graduated from college, miraculously my grandparents (who raised me) allowed me to go to Europe with some friends. The trip was an awakening, a truer education than I had ever received. Art struck me and I gasped my first breath. I am so grateful for that too.

Today I was reminded of the significance of art in our lives. This morning I discovered a website which is dedicated to encouraging the pursuit of an art-filled life. It proclaims that: "Aesthetic philosophy...deals with beauty, harmony and balance." "Aesthetics are known to refresh the senses and stimulate emotions."

If my life is to be a work of art, then I must inhale the fumes of art's mysteries, digest the sustenance of its wealth.

Only then can I become it and forget the question, "Does art imitate life, or life imitate art? My answer is neither. They are fused as one.

May art consume us all.

Pablo Picasso


  1. lovely Myrna. I always think there is art everywhere - you just have to pay attention and observe it. I don't know if you had the chance to read the old posts I linked to my latest post, but I recommend you to read the one about music...I think you may find it related to yours ;)

  2. life is art, we paint each day...smiles...or perhaps it is painted for us...love that line about digesting its wealth as well...

  3. We are the artist of our creation. We create and add the colors we want. The quote gives thought to what we have done or will do in our life.....

  4. Art is definitely everywhere. The whole universe is a lovely work of art! I am glad that you have started your 'art' journey. The question you have asked is an age-old one: "Does art imitate life, or life imitate art?" I think art imitates life! Only life can give raise to beautiful art!

    Joy always,

    P. S: Long ago I wrote something on art and memory. You can read it here:

  5. Seeing everything as art is a great way to keep that sense of wonder and awe at the world. Loving the little "imperfections" and nuances in everything, seeing it all is as it should be. Beautiful!