Saturday, June 27, 2020


The creature laughs
In a good way
She'd never ridicule my condition
Even if I were the one in a cage
She'd know
How cruel it would be
To put me on display
As if for merely being human
I deserved to live in constant dismay
The creature laughs
With a compassion I don't understand
Can her laughter my consciousness expand?
To help me see
That we are creatures both
With many siblings
In different forms
Of varying stages
Writing herstory's pages
To hopefully...
All creatures'

For Earthwheel.


  1. Yes, I am certain she has deep compassion and understands far more than we humans think she does, as do all animals. I love your sketch and her smile. And I especially love "we are creatures both".

  2. We are indeed creatures both - which more of us need to remember. And act on.
    Love (as always) your poem and your art.

  3. I love this. Some animals do seem to understand us more deeply than we understand ourselves. You express it very well in your poem. Suzanne - of Mapping Uncertainty

  4. I love the way you captured empathy in both human and caged animal, Myrna. If only all humans could see that, the world would be a better place.

  5. What a potent figure, this smiling ape, reminding us that some gestures were intended to invite and warm and share. - Brendan

  6. Interesting and deft work with changing perspectives. What would any of us do if we lived behind animal eyes. I do believe there is more compassion there than here these days.

  7. I wonder what our closest primate relative think of us, caging them. I hope she is smiling, and is happy ~