Sunday, January 6, 2019

Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays.  
For me, this year began with a new member, Lula, who had been at the animal shelter for about 7 months.  The attendant there assured us no one would adopt Lula because she was less than appealing. 
I have no doubt Lula would not have survived without medical attention.  The shelter does basic evaluations, but Lula was quite sick.  She has thrived after receiving treatment and living with us. She gets along wonderfully with our other dog, Leroy, and she's adjusted well to the family's pace, especially the routine  for dispensing treats.  Though my husband and I received many gifts this season, the gift Lula has bestowed is the one we appreciate the most.    


Was it my imagination or did our eyes lock
The moment I came through the shelter's door
Did you telepathically plead
"Please, pick me"
The others jumped, barked
They didn't care or stare
The way you did so pathetically
Laying there motionless
Like death's shadow
Accustomed to rejection
You watched as I moved on
To "wisely" pick
One prettier, healthier, spunkier 
But I returned to select you

I'm not a believer in veiled delusions
Of love at first sight
Yet instantly 
Our love was fused 
By an invisible magnet
Of gravity between two hearts
Proving the inexplicable exists
Guiding me to you
Sick, emaciated, listless dog
Our bond is not evidence
That love is blind
But that true love is a mystery 
That sees what's real

(For Poets United.)


  1. What a wonderful story... and it also tells me another story of how important love is also for those less appealing... (humans and dogs)

  2. "Love...that sees what's real." She needed you so badly, yet hardly dared to hope. I am so thankful she is with you now. Her life, and yours, have been transformed. She looks so sweet. Shelter dogs who have had hard lives appreciate their new lives so much. My daughter's dogs are always rescues. Watching their eyes come to life and begin to shine, once they realize they are Home, is a wonderful thing.

  3. This is such a heartening poem, Myrna. I am glad you rescued each other!❤️

  4. Indeed true love IS a mystery that sees what is real. I have no doubt that it was love at first sight for you with Lulu. She is one lucky dog, and you are one lucky human to have found one another. Seven months in that shelter must have been a VERY long time for her.

  5. This is truly lovely. And a big yes from here too - our rescue pets have saved us too.

  6. Wishing you and your expanded family well in the new year! This just drew out all the emotions--such a beautiful read and the mystery of the real just lodged in my heart. :)

  7. A wonderfully rendered empathic piece. The lovely - and wise - close, I thought was especially emotive.

  8. LOVE this. Poor Lula was waiting for the right human as you were searching for the right dog. This truly a miracle. Thank you for letting Lula rescue you.

  9. This is fantastic.. she is beautiful and so are you! Reinforces my dying faith in all thing wonderful.

  10. How beautiful she looks now! And how wonderful for her and for you all, that you have come together. And oh, just look at the depths of love in those eyes!