Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Close to where I live, there's a spaceport.  Soon a spaceship will be launched carrying some wealthy and brave people into space.  They will be weightless for 2 whole minutes!  For that, they will pay a little fortune.  
I have mixed feelings about space exploration.  The idea entices me and frightens me simultaneously.  But the festival I attended was fun and though I will never invent anything that contributes  to space travel, I did learn some things.


I recently went to a space festival to celebrate
Progress of cosmic explorations
Made me wonder
About our intentions
For all those current and future inventions. 
Will we give or merely take?
With Star Wars' blasts will the heavens break?
Or from starlight's peace will we partake?
Will we be lost in space or find ourselves grounded
By seeds of wisdom growing in a story 
We could now reinvent?
Will we choose detachment to forever avert
Gravity of this earth?
Will entropy write our final chapter
Or will evolution allow us rebirth?

(For Poets United.)


  1. Wow! The title is powerful and sets up the serious rhyme / rhythm of the poem;
    "About our intentions
    For all those current and future inventions.
    Will we give or merely take?
    With Star Wars' blasts will the heavens break?"

    (You linked the NASA site, but I will fix this if I can.

  2. As always I love your poem.
    Like you I have mixed emotions about space travel. I think our first obligation is to protect/repair earth before we head into other areas.

  3. I resonate with these questions. Intention is everything. The current module is to gain power. Not a great intention. I hate the mentality that would destroy this planet thinking they can blithely go to another. Neither a possible nor a deserved solution. Intriguing poem, Myrna, that makes us think.

  4. The questions are so pertinent. They arise because of 'intentions' of a few, found, so dangerous for mankind. We can only hope for 'rebirth'. Love this poem.

  5. If we can't get things right on this world we certainly won't on any other we visit. We spend far more millions on killing our own people yet almost nothing on sharing wealth to ensure everybody has food, water and shelter to live safely. We waste and litter so much of our own planet we are hardly likely to respect any we might visit. Sadly we think we are clever but in fact we are a stupid race of creatures who haven't proved they can exist on this world what hope if we visit eleswhere?

  6. If we cannot manage to nurture our planet earth then we deserve extinction instead of destroying the other planets. The space travel money should be spent to alleviate the suffering of millions here on earth.

  7. Will we choose detachment to forever avert
    Gravity of this earth... splendid line!

  8. This is probably one of those, "what can go wrong, will go wrong." I wonder, too. Isn't earth enough?

  9. great piece with some pertinent questions that provoke thought