Sunday, February 4, 2018


Photo is taken from the Self-Realization Fellowship Meditation Gardens in Encinitas.
 It's one of my favorite places, which I always visit when I take a little vacation to California.
I just returned.  Had a wonderful, serene, soul refreshing time. 


I sat
Not in silence
But in the midst of this noisy world
Nothing was still
Because the world is always making circles
I watched
The ocean proudly curled its waves
As the sun's fiery tentacles tickled the water
Creating millions of exquisite glittering diamonds

Slowly I inhaled
First the ocean 
With all those diamonds,
The black speckles of surfers 
Like seals resting and gliding 
Then the sky, the sun, the playful clouds,
Oblivious people conversing beside me,
Little puppy with the meditating man,
Couple walking by hand in hand,
Bushes dancing with the wind, 
Flowers growing rainbows 
Even the tiny bugs
And all those things unseen

All that surrounded me
Filled me inside
That's where it all resides
Though I did exhale


  1. I think there are so much things happening in that single moment... just by observing we find poetry...

  2. Isn't it amazing what is held in a moment besides our breath...fabulous poem!

  3. I love this!πŸ’– I can dwell in these lines forever; "Slowly I inhaled first the ocean with all those diamonds,the black speckles of surfers like seals resting and gliding then the sky, the sun, the playful clouds, oblivious people conversing beside me"... Beautifully expressed!πŸ’–

  4. There is so much a person can hold inside if only one thinks about it. I especially like the little puppy with the meditating man!

  5. So lovely to have that time communing with nature and the ocean. Replenishing the soul. Lovely, Myrna.

  6. Why have you and I gotten so out of touch! I can't imagine. Anyway, I agree with Sanaa about the line in which you inhale the ocean. I could use some of those negative ions and that salty air about now.

  7. Inhale the world and exhale the details - the smallness in stillness, the simplest notes - a song in itself - like the waves dancing ... like the gentle breath of silence

    lovely details :)

  8. Oh my gosh, this is awesome!!! I love and feel it all, but these are my very favorites:

    "The ocean proudly curled its waves
    As the sun's fiery tentacles tickled the water
    Creating millions of exquisite glittering diamonds"

    "That's where it all resides
    Though I did exhale"

  9. Beautiful meditation! Just observing your surroundings and staying in the moment. Lovely imagery. 😊

  10. Sounds like a great breath to me : )

  11. Luv your word images and the fact that you shaped your poem. Thanks for dropping by my Sunday Standard Myrna

    much love...

  12. the sharp observation of what is around us...things we look at but never see!

  13. A feeling of happiness and peace runs through your poem.Ncoe one Myrna.

  14. "I watched
    The ocean proudly curled its waves
    As the sun's fiery tentacles tickled the water"
    To see these personalities and not be distracted by the world and its occupations is a wonderful inhale. The exhale at the end doesn't negate it.

  15. This is so exquisitely and vividly sketched ... just lovely, Myrna ~ sigh ~ I am there.

  16. How important it is to just observe the beauty of the world, as you have shown here, to own and indulge yourself in the beaty of it all. What a great reminder to us all.

  17. A beautiful description of this meditative process.

  18. i like how you inhale, taking in all the sights and sounds, and even though you need to exhale, that moment remains.