Sunday, December 17, 2017


It's a dreary day
Raindrops attempt to dissipate 
That grey mist 
stubbornly clinging
To this world
And to me

We both try
To breathe deeply enough
To exhale strongly enough
To create a whirlwind
That will catapult
Gloomy mist into the sun
But we can't yet

For now, we must look through
That obstinate mist
That makes it harder to see things
After all, it's not totally dark
Light still filters through its haze

For now, 
I make a pact
With this world
We will SEE through the dimness
Until the mist disappears

I've allowed life's challenges and the condition of the world to create a little darkness in me.  But, I won't let it dim my light for long.  It will stop raining soon, I'm sure.

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a most prosperous, joyous, and peaceful New Year.

For Poets United.


  1. I think that we soon will pass the darkest times... it has to be like that...

  2. Heartfelt hugs and oceans of caring.
    I hope your rain is replaced by rainbows. Soon.

  3. I like the hope in this. I like the seeing through the mist. Wonderful! Holiday blessings to you.

  4. It is understandable that things get us down sometimes, Myrna. I love that you wont let that dim your light for long. You have a shining spirit. I like the lines about seeing through the dimness till the mist disappears. Happy holidays to you and your family, my friend.

  5. 'a pact with this world' to 'SEE through the dimness' ~sigh~ more than a lovely, inspiring line: an incitement to TRY ... to not give up. There is, I think, a bit of peace to be found in that. Beautiful job on this, Myrna.

  6. I like this honest, tender poem of of faith that lingers still..

  7. Oh yes, we do have to see through the dimness. We must. We must live in hope that we will be able to see clearly once again.

  8. The battle against the darkness is a constant.You will find cracks of light. Just focus on the light. Merry Christmas Myrna .

  9. Thank god that nothing is permanent. Mists will soon disappear and there'll be a flood of light. Merry Christmas Myrna & wish a beautiful New Year for you and yours :)

  10. Perfect for my time of life, when the mists seem to come (and yes, go) with a bit more regularity. Loved it.

  11. I won't let it dim my light for long.
    It will stop raining soon, I'm sure.

    Sharing the same sentiments Myrna! Merry Christmas and Happy hols!


  12. This is so beautifully moving! I really needed to read this today. 'We will SEE through the dimness until the mist disappears'.. sigh.. yes!

  13. Yes, let us do this, shake the mist from our eyes.
    Have a wonderful 2018.
    Anna :o]