Wednesday, September 13, 2017


My walk through that little, quaint New Mexican town became engraved in my memory as a treat to stream, like a movie through my mind whenever I'm running low on joy. Do I remember that day because I was a tourist enjoying the irresponsible freedom of that temporary escape one feels while on vacation?  Or because the moment was simply other worldly?

I can still see the people lined up for mass before the ornate doors of that old church, the bell's loud clang creating a chime of reverberating waves caressing the hopes of non-believers, confirming the faith of believers, uniting everyone with tiny glimpses of heaven.

Nearby, multi-generations of one family gathered to celebrate their blood connection.  I wonder if they noticed me standing outside their huge yard, ogling their plates of  tantalizing Mexican food being passed around like soul nutrition, admiring how they loved their babies, how children, adults and the elderly intermingled, how their laughter drowned out the sound of the church bell creating instead the sound of love.

To this day, that scene evokes a variety of thoughts.  Primarily, that I'm grateful for my own little family. But I also entertain Pollyannish wishes.  Is it possible that within the cosmic scope, humanity is just one small family?  And we can celebrate a reunion? Someday?

A family's love
Resounds through the universe
Like a bell in Spring

(For Poets United.)



  1. What an intriguing question! I have watched families with envy if I thought they had joy--and would look forward to reuniting with them if, indeed, we are all one. Fine images.

  2. What a beautiful hope. No us and them, but only us.

  3. I LOVE this question, and it IS possible, we just havent fully learned this lesson yet. As Mother Nature continues to challenge us, I think we will be learning this lesson very well. We humans learn the hard way. I adore your exquisite haiku.

  4. I enjoyed your post here very much my friend. As a fellow Catholic and a person with a huge family, I can relate so much to it. Thanks for sharing it with us. God bless.

  5. Do I remember that day because I was a tourist enjoying the irresponsible freedom of that temporary escape one feels while on vacation? ... love that.. everything is magnified on vacation I think.. even hope.

  6. Oh Myrna, the Haibun ends with so much joy and light. Yes we are family.

  7. This is so well done. Perfect haibun Myrna

    Much 😍 love

  8. I love that you shared these wonderful memories, Myrna. And, yes, let us hope.

  9. I made a comment, and clicked off, forgetting to was a good comment, but I can't stand to type it again. Loved your poem! Made me think of all that is outside, reflecting what is inside, and what is inside reflecting what is outside.