Wednesday, August 30, 2017



By cameras
She is fully in the moment
Not yet worried about futures 
After being rescued from waters
That flow without mercy
Washing away her ground
  Because there's no security
Not even in the love of the child
She clutches to confirm life

I can't stop watching
My heart feels swollen
My emotions swirl 
Fear, tenderness, helplessness
But above all wonder
At humanity's spirit,
A capsule of possibilities

Mesmerized, I am witness
I suffer with the suffering
But I am also awed
By those who detach 
From their own interests
To help, to give of themselves
While forgetting about themselves
How amazing 


  1. Yes, Myrna, I am right there with you. In such times, all divisions are forgotten as humans rise to take care of each other. Such amazingly heroic stories we are seeing. Such tragedy as well. One story of a toddler rescued, clinging to her dead mother. I think of the animals left behind, some chained or kenneled, all terrified. The wildlife also. Time for climate change to be seen as our number one threat to planetary survival. I love your poem because it speaks of the human spirit and what it is capable of in times of distress.

  2. Oh, yes. Resilience and Resolve, giving and gratitude. Such tragedies bring out our bbest! Thank you.

  3. I am loving that compassion and kindness are running higher than the floodwaters.

  4. Yes its heartbreaking, watching all that TV coverage. Only a prayer wagers sanity in such times.

    Have a blessed Wednesday

    Much love...

  5. Very moving and heart wrenching So much tragedy we can't even comprehend and yes it is always great to see people step up and help in time of need. This restores our faith in humanity

  6. I too have been watching and crying over the devastation. My faith is renewed when I see humanity rising above the chaos.

  7. People always seem to come through in such times.. makes you wonder how well we could all live but for political divisions.

  8. We will always sing of and exalt humane spirit. In trying times we see it, confirming life. This is so timely and wonderfully penned, Myrna.

  9. How curious iit is, that adversity usually brings out the best of us yet when we are untroubled we see the worst. Mankind is such a strange species.

  10. Fear, tenderness, helplessness
    But above all wonder
    At humanity's spirit,

    The human spirit has a way of meeting the challenges in drastic circumstances! Very true Myrna!


  11. Couldn't agree with you more and the feelings, all of them, are so strong. Respect for the rescued and the rescuers,


  12. Yes, we had very bad floods here earlier this year (the worst in 100 years) and it was wonderful how people rallied to help those who were affected.

  13. Powerful write - form flows - and the passion and caring and RESPECT for the best of humanity shines!

  14. Dearest Myrna, what beautiful words, as always from you! You definitely have a wonderful gift. (I bet you're surprised to see my little face and name here, huh? I feel awful that I haven't written to you in SO long. I promise I'll do that soon, and please write to me, too!) Much love and hugs.

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