Wednesday, March 1, 2017


We hear the thunder of a brewing storm
The atmosphere's electricity strikes
At our hope for a sunny day
One so bright, we squint our joyful eyes

But today light filters through dark clouds
Creating a shaded illumination
Allowing our wide open eyes to see 
Beauty mixing with wilted love
This is truth

That brewing storm is so loud 
Unlike the silence that preceded
Thunder - a warning of impending clash
Siren of potential destruction

It's frightening 
We know
The way of nature's convulsions
Still, we hope 
for dissipation of those dark, angry clouds
While we muster up courage
To confront a deluge

(For Poets United.)


  1. You have captured the ominous feelings just before the storm hits............well done, Myrna. Myrna, check your spam file in your email. I have a new email address, not sure if you are getting my emails.......

  2. So very true. Literally and metaphorically.

  3. Beautiful metaphor to describe the events that is unfolding, in Europe and the United States. One hopes, it dissipates without great harm, being happening.

  4. AH yes, we know, but still must brace ourselves. I love how you take us from wishes to build up of the storm in a dark and electric atmosphere. In this particular storm brewing in the USA, I am no longer sure I can trust "this too will past."

  5. this lull before the storm is so terrifying...hoping earnestly for the sunny days...beautifully penned...

  6. Nature's convulsions.. like that...beautiful image of the calm before the mixed with wilted love!

  7. Your poem can be read on a few different levels, Myrna. There are many different kinds of storms on the horizon...we do need to muster up courage, to stay strong.

  8. This is so incredibly poignant, Myrna❤️ especially touched by these lines; "But today light filters through dark clouds creating a shaded illumination, allowing our wide open eyes to see beauty mixing with wilted love. This is truth." Beautifully penned.

    Lots of love,

  9. Scary indeed when events seem too huge, and to have gained too much momentum, for us to have any impact against them.

  10. There are rumblings and forebodings about.Not a good time.

  11. The storm as a metaphor fo the difficult times we are living through is quite powerful device, Myrna, and makes us visualise the danger in a real and fear-inspiring way.