Sunday, January 29, 2017


Too often lately, I dwell on sadness. 
It's not typical or extreme.
More like a slowly creeping weary fog.
This winter is so cold for us 
Who prefer nature's warmer, kinder side.
The beautiful one with lands of liberty,
Rocks, woods, templed hills, mountain sides
From which we sing, swelling the breeze
With joy and freedom from our hearts.

But this winter is bitter.  
Its coldness constricts.
Our hearts are squeezed tightly.
There's a strong, frightening threat
Of a global freeze.
Even my mountains have snow caps now.
I feel them shivering like they never did before.
Are they predicting the future?

My shoulders droop as my thoughts descend.
Then my smiling husband announces plans for his garden.
I feel comfort in his faith, 
But just a little.
I'm sure Spring will arrive again...

The situation in our country, which is affecting the entire world, troubles me deeply.  I don't consider myself particularly patriotic.  I am a citizen of this world.  But I borrowed the italicized words in my poem from a very patriotic song, My Country 'Tis of Thee.  I remember singing it in school.  You can read all the words here.

Hope you  have a peaceful week.

(For Poets United.)


  1. I love what your poem says about hope, and how it can keep us going. Things do look grim at the moment. But we can't focus on the monster freeze, if we do, then we'll miss the garden dreams... and that means the end.

    We must resist the ice.

  2. I think that a true patriot would care more about how his country is perceived. A patriot cares about values, and is winning by acts of good...

  3. I like the contrast between the winter's cold and your husband's announcement of his plans to plant a garden. Yes, life goes on and seasons change and this is where and how we find our hope.

  4. Your mountains may tremble, but they are still beautiful, my friend. And steadfast, as are the American people. This situation will change. It has to. And spring will come and the garden get planted. We have to hold onto these small joys right now.

  5. "My Country 'Tis of Thee" Oh yes and belting it out proudly. I still think that is a song, no matter your key, you could sing with confidence and perfect harmony with everyone around you.
    Winter, I believe, as you expressed it so well, is a cycle of our lives we need to experience before spring. I guess your husband was the clue :)

  6. That chill has extended to many hearts. World wide. I am longing for a resurgence of hope. Also world wide.

  7. if we can keep alive the small things which have so much value, that's something.

  8. I hear you, sister. I'm ready to sunbathe! So while I wait for the coming heat, I'm getting my body bikini-ready. Maybe we need to think of this as a time of preparing ourselves for a feast instead of dwelling on famine, so to speak.

  9. Seasons pass.. spring will come for sure...planning the garden is filled with hope and positive thoughts.

  10. Even my mountains have ice caps now too. Brrrr and Grrrr.

  11. Planning the garden is an act of love and hope, spring will come and the garden will unfold,


  12. A powerful and compelling piece of writing - made all the more so, pinned against the warm and life-affirming close. Up there with some of your best work, Myrna!

  13. I'm sure Spring will arrive again...
    Someday.... I like the positve feel this closing offers to your poem, I do enjoy reading your work.

  14. Perhaps in the absence of trustworthy people nature will always provide us with Spring - and even a little light

  15. I love the tender optimistic tone near the end.. sigh.. Spring shall definitely arrive soon.

    Lots of love,

  16. Spring is almost here, hang in there!