Sunday, December 4, 2016


Not everyone understands, I know
How alone I feel
Her absence
My radiant shadow is gone
No longer close
Attached like glue 
Walking behind me, eating, sleeping
While I wrote, cooked or simply lived my day
She absorbed my thoughts, my moods
Reflected back a constant, soothing tranquility
A conduit to my own serenity

Not everyone understands, I know
How now only imagination remains 
When I think I hear the silent presence  
Of the wise companion
Who enriched my spirit
By teaching me about my own animalism

Not everyone understands, I know
My grief, which connects to all 
My other losses, each unique, but woven
From the common thread
Of suffering.

My tears suddenly flow
As my memory flashes
To sweet scenes of our love
I intensely feel
How much I miss my Daisy
Some would say, "She was just a dog."
I know, not everyone understands

(For Poets United.)


  1. Oh but you know I do, my friend, for when Pup died, all the other losses of my life hopped aboard the grieving train and I cried for five years. That dog gave me such gifts. How you must miss your girl. I never understand people saying "it is only a dog." Dogs are Love Buddhas. They come to us to teach us how to love selflessly, as they do. Sigh. I am so sorry. My Jasmine is in her last weeks or months right now. I watch week by week. Soon there will be no dog bed and I cannot begin to imagine how to live without a dog. I cry at the thought of it.

  2. Still reeling from the loss of our beloved Jewel I DO understand.
    Hugs. And shared tears.

  3. I think I do understand, though it was the cats of my family... we had a wonderful cat back who was killed by a car in 1972... I still mourn him

  4. And then again, some of us do because of our own love for our own dear companions ... and our own losses. And yet, your Daisy was unique and so was your relationship. (I remember so well her smiling photo that always made me feel happy. Love shone from her.)

  5. I do understand too, Myrna. But you are right, a lot of people just don't understand it. You have lost a good friend, a companion, a soulmate. I definitely understand why you mourn.. And take your time mourning in your own way.

  6. So tenderly and emotively rendered. Loving a dog, changes you forever. People who don't understand, have not been blessed with that gift.

  7. 'My radiant shadow is gone...'

    'When I think I hear the silent presence
    Of the wise companion
    Who enriched my spirit'

    It's poignant. You have composed this poem beautifully! Keep writing.

  8. so sad to lose a dear companion...loss hurts deeply...

  9. Oh I do understand. I grew up with a dog companion even though I did have siblings

    Much love...

  10. Losing a companion of any sort leaves us feeling empty and alone. I'm so sorry you lost your soul mate - dear Daisy - there are some pets who play a very special part in our lives

  11. "A conduit" to say the very least! I think what the "loss of dog love" poems have in common is this sense that the loss is beyond expression. Understanding is too rational for the loss of a limb.

  12. Just red Susan's comment, and she is right. Sometimes when a limb is lost, a phantom one comes to replace it. I've had several pets, both cat and canine. But, Mac is the one who comes back, even after thirty years, plops down near me and lets me know I am still loved.


  13. Your poem captures your loss well. Peggy still cries over dogs that died years ago, and, as I’ve said before, I miss dead pets more than I miss dead people.