Wednesday, November 2, 2016


On November 2nd my house was always a little spooky.
The smell of incense wafted outside our door
Making others curious, suspicious
Because they didn't understand
How my grandmother honored the dead.

She knew
How to attract their attention,
How to implore their help
Through the veil of smoke that separates
The living and the dead.
She knew they were compassionate
because they remembered their lives.
But she didn't know that death creates wisdom.

The dead scrambled to my house
Where Grandmother offered respect through ritual.
They liked inhaling the scent of life,
to watch the fumes of candle fire
Illuminate the adventures of the living.

In their wisdom, they helped Grandmother 
the way ghosts help.
They waited for her to get wise
While they often sighed mourning themselves.


  1. LOVE!! wonderful scene setting so I could believe that this narrative voice "knew" the wisdom of the dead. Wow.

  2. Wow!! enjoyed your poem

    much love...

  3. I love this so much and can see the whole scene, smell the incense. I especially love the dead watching the fumes of candle fire illuminating the adventures of the living. What a wonderful poem this is!

  4. Loved this - very affectionate and warm.

  5. How well you described the scene so that it was easy to picture.

  6. This is beautiful.
    I suspect your Grandmother found wisdom early.

  7. They waited for her to get wise
    While they often sighed mourning themselves.
    ..these are fantastic closing lines.

  8. I loved the veil of smoke separating the living and the dead. Your neighbors may have understood your grandmother after all.

  9. My goodness, this is so beautifully eerie and haunting, Myrna ❤️ especially love "She knew how to attract their attention, how to implore their help through the veil of smoke that separates the living and the dead." Sigh..Your grandmother is truly an incredible woman❤️

    Lots of love,

  10. love the way you've painted Grandmother & her 'friends'..."In their wisdom, they helped Grandmother / the way ghosts help." a sweet expression and so is their 'sigh'....

  11. Wow I love the whole scene of grandma honouring and the dead "waited for her to get wise" You bring it alive with your words. Very clever poem

  12. A beautiful poem, Myrna. The smell and haze of incense and candle flame smoke creates a powerful image and a wonderful analogy of the thin veil separating life from death.