Sunday, September 4, 2016

I've been preoccupied with some life demands lately.  I also feel like I've forgotten how to write, which is one of the things that makes me most happy.  But, I'm just going to scribble a little each day, until I remember.


Every day the sun and I 
silently communicate.
It is the teacher,
I the needy student.
I don't like it when 
Clouds dim its light.
But the sun cannot always
Burn in my sight.
When it hides, 
It teaches me to wait
With faith that its fire
Still burns, 
With hope that I will see 
its radiance tomorrow.

(For Poets United.)


  1. A beautiful lesson in patience and appreciation of the natural world.

  2. "It teaches me to wait" most important learning of life i "its radiance tomorrow."...

  3. Oh Myrna, the words have not deserted you. This is so lovely.....I love that the clouds teach you to wait...and trust that the sunshine will still be there........just as the words are..............

  4. Oh this is soo beautiful and poignant ❤

  5. Yes, sometimes we must learn to "wait." I hope this day the sun finds you a little happier than the day before. I am so sorry about Daisy, even thought we know our time with our beloved pets, is finite. It is up to us to know when. And I hope the back is healing and is better.

  6. Perhaps we don't forget how to write but change how we do? Although there is sadness there is a great sense of space in your words..a readiness to let the light still shine through - when you are ready

  7. The sun is there, even behind the clouds.. I like that thought so much, there is hope and acceptance in believing in the warmth

  8. You haven't lost your mastery. Not at all.
    I hope life starts to treat you kindly.

  9. Yes. You remember how to write, to crystalize this image of knowing what's absent.

    1. The words, like the sun, are there every day. Even hidden by clouds, her light is strong enough to see by. So too, it is with the words. And you have just proven that. Give yourself a pat on the back,


  10. Yes, sometimes a person has to wait a while to be able to see the sun. One thing for sure, we can know that eventually the sun will shine brightly again, though often it hard to be patient.

  11. You write, you rock! I hope you feel better soon. Sending you hugs.

  12. Lovely and lyrical. I can hear it being slowly read aloud, at sunrise. A very special piece - keep on, keeping on. Smiles!

  13. So true. have to believe that the words are there..somewhere.

  14. Rain or shine we know it's still there or else we wouldn't be!

  15. the sun will heal us. it gives us light and it can teach us some of life's lessons.
    despite the title, i find that this poem is a poem of hope.