Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday, 7 A.M.

On Sunday mornings it seems
silence sings a sacred tune.
The air is crisper,
more real, cleansed 
by bird song's sound waves
through the breeze
communicating nothing/everything.

I feel
the strength of connection
as I listen
to the beauty of nature.
I fall in love again
with this earth
forgetting for a moment
threats exist,
knowing that love comes first.
Before I commit to defend it
I must wallow in my passion. 

On Sunday mornings,
I find myself falling
into the irrational,
incomprehensible seduction
of love's abyss,
attending to my love
with no worries about self
or how long this affair will last.
I simply trust the current
lust of lover and beloved

On Sunday mornings, at least,
I dwell in my little speck of infinity
with my love.

(For Poets United.)


  1. What a refreshing read, warm greetings and nice week!

  2. We must dwell in that "little speck of infinity" every chance we get. I love the photo of your beloved mountains, Myrna, and enjoyed the dip into falling in love with the earth as I read these lines. So beautiful.

  3. I think the love must come first... great sense of that when all else is sleeping...

  4. Takes only a speck, to sculpt a mountain of love.A happy Sunday to you and yours

    Much love...

  5. There is something special about Sunday mornings - almost like being able to take a deeper breath. I could picture you enjoying this moment and liked to think of some small connection as I always wait for the church bells to ring on a Sunday morning .. Another kind of birdsong and speck of infinity maybe.. A peaceful and happy Sunday to you

  6. This is absolutely and truly sublime. I feel so elated after reading your poem, Myrna. Thanks for sharing ❤

    Lots of love,

  7. I can relate to this. Beautifully written, Myrna.

  8. Your little speck of infinity shines so very brightly.

  9. Your Sunday mornings seem oh so very peaceful, Myrna. I like that time when all seems to be standing a bit still & one feels that strength & connection with nature!

  10. dwell in my little speck of infinity..lovely!

  11. " love comes first." yes, Always with a capital A...

  12. A poem of lovely sentiments, and sweet music.

  13. What a glorious poem this is Myrna. Beautiful in its imagery of the celebration of love.

  14. I enjoyed reading your poem. Love your final stanza.

  15. Beautiful Sunday morning..It makes me happy you are finding this only we could stretch it a bit:)

  16. Let us thank God, then, for Sunday mornings. I've often wondered if the amount of fervent religious activity on those mornings alter the atmosphere around the world. I think it must.